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List of the technical equipment or machinery, tools, devices or gadgets needed for a particular activity or purpose.

  • Contact Report 139 - with this device, it is possible for me to dive directly into the past or future, but also to penetrate into other dimensions.
  • Contact Report 149 - Vibrations that are nausiating, that's the reason why I have my protective device in operation.
  • Contact Report 150 - No radio waves and no other kinds of vibrations are capable of penetrating into these aircraft because the outer hulls of each device absorb everything in terms of power storage for the ships’ propulsion and everything else.
  • Contact Report 153 - there is the possibility of a written response via a monitor and the possibility of a mechanical speech-response.
  • Contact Report 031 - zero-visibility screens
    ...over the Earth, I can see several flying objects in free space; besides two satellites of Earth origin, I can also see five objects which with certainty are extraterrestrial spaceships. This is confirmed by Semjase, when I ask her about it. Only one of the five ships belongs to her people, whereas the other four spaceships belong to other races, who are here to watch the Apollo-Soyuz joining. Oddly, I can't discern those objects through the ship's windows or the viewing screen of the photography device, but only on the beamship's image screens. Semjase explains to me that all the ships are masked from view and can only be detected through the special "zero-visibility" screens. The zero-visibility screens, she explains, use a special vision device that is able to capture and reproduce images of all that the naked eye and primitive monitoring devices such as radars can't see or detect. I content myself with this explanation, as Semjase does not want to go into more detail, and so I now turn my attention to a newly appearing object on the horizon, high above the Earth. Invisible to all human eyes and beyond every possibility of detection by technical devices of earthly origin[1]

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Mechanism: Does not refer to technology.



Tool: Does not refer to technology.


  1. Contact Report 031

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