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Added a new translation excerpt of Contact Report 476 by Larry Driscoll that reveals how planet Akart in Proxima-Centauri (in another space-time continuum) suffered an oxygen collapse and 99% of its population died due to its overpopulation being allowed to run out of control, until it exceeded the absolute maximum planetary-supported limit. Lets hope that we have the intelligence to take sufficient action so that we can avoid suffering the same fate. The new paragraphs are as follows:


All of this, what you say, I have already written about since the years of the 1950’s as predictions and spread worldwide and sent to governments, noteworthy newspapers, magazines, radio stations and various organizations. The responses afterwards however were so minimal, that these can be counted on only one hand. Up to today one is silenced about issues, passed over and has everything hushed up. In fact today several scientists appear, who speak about these things themselves, yet, all of that, which I have published and said, this is not taken seriously. Contrarily, there are also people, who have exploited my statements and predictions as well as prophecies with films and lectures and massively made popular, however also nothing is achieved from this. And that through overpopulation also the world goods commerce through globalization climbs always further and this massively so promotes, that sicknesses, epidemics and all kinds of insects as well as poisonous wildlife and plants of all kinds and species are carried into all nations of Earth, all of which is also ignored. The fact that as a result also the health of the human, animal and wildlife world suffer damages as well as the entire plant world which by foreign species is displaced and destroyed, which also no one wants to admit. This is also in regard to the fact that through the steadily increasing humanity not only the climate, but also negative and harmful changes are even imposed upon the entire nature and all life forms, therefore also the atmosphere, which enters into a negative change. And as I know from you, through overpopulation itself as well as through its criminal machinations, the destruction of nature and the enormous CO2-emissions, an oxygen collapse and atmosphere collapse can occur, which would mean an end to all life on the Earth. The responsible scientists however in general do not speak about this; in fact, they do not consider this possibility at all, as a result they also do not research in this direction. Such an occurrence, according to your earlier explanation, on July 17, 1975 during my great journey, in fact already is to have threatened an approximately Earth sized planet named Akart through overpopulation stupidity, because in 1975 already 23 billion human beings lived there. To my knowledge the inhabitants of Akart belong to your federation, as well as others from other regions there. Also Kohun and Athar.


74. What you say, corresponds to that, which corresponds to the facts.

75. The population of the planet Akart belonged to our federation, as well as also, the population of the worlds of Proxima-Centauri and others from there and other local regions of space around there, from which several of them have come to the Earth.

76. However, all of these worlds belong in our space-time-construction, consequently they also possess several of our technologies, like for example, that technology with which they are able to bridge the time barrier and come into your space-time-construction.

77. The population of Akart however no more exists since the year 2007, because in the only 32 years from 1975 to 2007 their total population had increased to 34 billion, when through their stupidity, like also is apparent with the terrestrial population, nature and the climate were completely destroyed, when, in the end, an oxygen collapse and an atmosphere collapse occurred, as you have described this.

78. As a result all life was wiped out on this planet.


However, you still have advised and helped them, as you said at that time.


79. Unfortunately, our advice was just disregarded and not followed, as well as also our help was declined.

80. Only then, when there was nothing more to give, the humans came to think things over, but then it was already too late, as a result we only could just save as many humans as possible, unfortunately only 116 million, and resettle them to other worlds.


Catastrophic. On the Earth can it similarly threaten, because through all of the nature catastrophes, the sicknesses, epidemics and through the global carrying off of exotic wildlife and exotic plants will be, life and the living area of man and animals and of all wildlife, the oxygen content and the atmosphere of Earth as well as the achievements of terrestrial humanity, steadily more and more destroyed.


81. Earth humans, so I am able to say, are pathologically autocratic and incorrigible, which is why they must first suffer enormous damage, before they see reason and open up their ears and senses to warnings.

82. And if they do not do this, then destruction will one day be their fate.

83. Slowly however systematically Earth humans destroy anything and everything in life, in nature and in the climate on Earth, consequently already the continuous process of all around destruction in every respect now only is to be halted with very drastic measures.

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