Contact Report 013

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[Friday, April 25, 1975, 5:20 p.m.]

Contact person: Semjase

The following topical listings do not represent the entire contents of this Contact Report.

Semjase returns the book "Living From The Spirit"

Semjase decides to destroy the film from April 20, 1975 10:00 a.m. (people on a hilltop, Ravensbuhl, with beamship hovering overhead)

F.L. (friend of Meier) previously received malachite from Semjase via Meier & requests a larger piece:

Semjase suggests that Meier use his influence of thought on the non-Plejaren UFOs in order to contact them

Semjase agrees to bring Meier stones & crystals for his collection or for selling Pleiadians/Plejaren want to limit the number of pictures Meier takes of their ships to 100

Meier asks if Semjase can bring photos of other planets; he is denied the opportunity

Authorities & military feel threatened by UFOs; Pleiadians/Plejaren not interested in upsetting their "primitive force, as this mission is obligated alone to Earth human beings"

Authorities & military interested in UFOs but publicly deny this

Message From The Pleiades additional contents -- Annotations: Meier's house was repeatedly broken into and pictures & diaslides were stolen