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Menara is a female human being from planet Deron in the Vega star system. She first contacted Billy on the 29th July 1976[1].

  • Contact Statistics lists contacts with Menara as 29/7/1976 to 12/4/2002 and then on 2/7/2005.
  • There are no drawings of Menara. She is described as a beautiful woman. Billy referred to Menara as a black rose, his own way of expressing her beauty.
  • Menara is black. ~ Similar evolutionary facial features to African Hottentot, with black hair, similar skin tone variation as a European from the tropical, subtropical regions on but north of the Mediterranean sea, from Spain or Italy, but of black african descent not white descent, her skin is slightly lighter than african continent. The reason its described this way is because of this modern politically correct word 'black' which does not offer any flexibility for ancestral relationships to be described and some find the stripping down of entire peoples of their cultural and ancestral identity more offensive than how its worded and the wording itself. She is not Sentinelese black.


FIGU Forum Questions Answered By Billy

According to the Guido Moosbrugger book "AND YET THEY FLY", I came across a name or a Plejaren named MENARA which has been described as a DARK SKINNED BEAUTY and also a descendant of The Hottentots of Africa by ancestry. Are there many groups of Dark skinned or African alikes that would be Plejaren and if so, how many groups would there be and how advanced are they?

ANSWER: Hi Gurujay,

Billy used the term "Dark skinned" for a skin colour you will see when a black-haired European person, like e.g. in Spain or Italy, was exposed to the sun. Billy didn't mean "black", but rather "not white" like the other Plejarans. However, the shape of her body (face, hair, etc.) resembled the race that we call (or were calling) Hottentots here on earth.

The ancestral relationship goes back hundreds of thousands of years.

Billy has no information about a number of groups and their evolution level. Since Menara works closely together with the Plejarans she must be fairly advanced and, therefore, also her people.[4]

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