Witness Testimony Part One

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Earliest Written Testimony from Meier-case Witnesses

Below are written testimonies to the reality of Meier's experiences. Unless otherwise stated, they derive from Wendelle Stevens' book Contact from the Pleiades: Preliminary Investigation Report (1982), as supplemented by his Message from the Pleiades, vols. 2 and 3. I thank him for permission to reproduce them here. Stevens collected the statements during the course of his investigations in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and had them translated into English. The dozen testimonies come from some nine witnesses, while involving a score of other witnesses, and relate to 10 different events involving Eduard Meier's ongoing ET contacts at that time. A comprehensive list of witnesses, the events they witnessed, dates and other information is given here.

Jacob Bertschinger - 14 March 1976 - Regarding Contact #48

I was staying the night of 13 to 14 March 1976 in the living room of Eduard Meier, at 8340 Hinwil, ZH CH, Wihaldenstrasse 10, as we talked. It was just 20:00 when Mr. Meier explained to me that we should be ready at midnight, because he had just received a telepathic call from the spaceship pilot Semjase, from the Pleiades, that she would meet him at midnight or a short time later somewhere. Until then we still had about two hours of time, and so we looked at the Western TV "Heibe Grenzen."

Now it was 23:50. My friend [Meier] and I drove my Volkswagen to a point near the contact place, which was situated in upper Zurich, above Bäretswil near Bettswil, not far from the Sunamatteli children's home. At my friend's signal I stopped the car. He stepped out and explained to me, as is always the case, that he is not allowed to take any other person to the actual place of contact with the extraterrestrials. He left me [going] toward the northeast direction, where I could see, at about 200 meters distance, a wooded hill in the shadows of the night.

The night was rather cold, which did not make the waiting pleasant as I stood outside and observed the near and far environment. Time passed and it became 00:40 when I suddenly noticed, in a northerly direction, above the fir tops, an orange-colored light which was stationary, and appeared from nowhere. My first thought was that this could be a house where a light was simply turned on. Then this seemed strange to me, because above the tops of the firs in the middle of the forest there could be no house. This moved me to observe the light still more closely. Still, it was just stationary and silent. But then it began, hardly noticeable at first, to move and slowly to wander over the fir tops. Then it began to move faster and climbed up higher.

Seen from my position, and from my estimate, I observed it for a long time, until it had climbed up to about 200 to 300 meters height, where it slowly changed its dark-yellow color to a deep dark red. When it reached the mentioned height the light stopped for some moments, and then seen, continued moving directly towards me. It approached by a suddenly enormous speed, while the light increased in brilliance. And here again it changed its color, this time into a milky white. Then the sphere of light suddenly stopped at once and stood still, while I waited for whatever it was going to do. I should mention that the luminous object had continuously climbed up higher in its flight, and now moved at 2,000 to 3,000 meters above the ground.

Below the sphere of light, now suddenly, a true rain of sparkles began to fall down, like a gigantic fireworks perhaps 150 to 200 meters long. This appearance was accompanied by extremely loud noises just like shorting electric power cables that continued to short for a long time. Then a loud bang was heard. Then it all began to move backwards just like it started shortly before. The light sphere flew away once more, climbed up higher, and slowly floated away in a northerly direction and entered the high clouds and disappeared.

I was not a little astonished by the events just experienced, this I can assure. Because of the cold, I sat in the car after this experience and thought, now soon my friend would appear, but I waited in vain as 20 minutes later he still was not there. I already began to worry that everything might not be all right. I thought of the opposition Gizeh Intelligence who could have their finger in the matter, which could be very dangerous, even though we always proceeded to these contacts carrying a weapon as recommended by Semjase. [Meier has been shot at more than once.]

Alarmed, I got out of the car and waited another 20 minutes or so, and looked and listened into the night, but there was nothing to be seen or heard. Disturbed, I stared again over to the hill where 30 minutes ago the sphere of light had come from, and there, indeed, once more the ball of light appeared and ascended in the same way. This time I could clearly see that it came up far above the hill ridge and between the clumps of trees. It stood out above the fir tops like it was searching for something, and then turned and flew away eastwards as a red-light sphere. I could easily follow it until it was high up in the clouds and already far to the east, until it disappeared from my sight.

In hopes that my fears about the Gizeh Intelligence would not come true, I sat once more in the car and waited. About 10 minutes later I observed, at about 200 meters distance down the road a small yellow-white light, which moved in a semi-circle left and right. This must surely be my friend, who would give me a sign by lamp. On that I started my car and drove towards the light, and soon recognized Mr. Meier, walking along the street in the darkness. Together we drove home again, and we talked and discussed what we had each seen. To my relief he told me that I would not have to fear, because the two light-spheres had been two spacecraft, as Semjase had this night come together with Quetzal, the Chief of Station. He took care to prepare me a little surprise with his small demonstration, and the burning electrical display was to thank me for having driven my friend to this place of contact. I told my friend the details of all I had seen because he himself had seen nothing of this. When Quetzal offered me this display Mr. Meier was still together with Semjase in her ship, in the clearing, and so witnessed nothing.

I declare these details to be the full truth, and that I have not suffered dreams or hallucinations in this respect.

signed Jacob Bertschinger

Feldstrasse, 9 CH-8330 Pfaffikon/ZH CH 20 April 1976. Note: Jacob has been a farmer and chauffeur.