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<qpoll id="poll001" showresults="1"> {What is your conclusion as to Billy Meier's authenticity? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | He is definately truth incarnate.| He is probably telling the truth.| Undecided.| He is probably a deceiver or insane.| He is definately a deceiver or insane.| None of the above. Choose one

{Do you believe that a Creator God exists? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Of course God exists.| Probably.| Undecided.| Probably not.| Don't be silly.| None of the above. Choose one

{Do you think that planet Earth the only one inhabited by intelligent life in the entire universe? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Definately the only one.| Probably the only one.| Undecided.| Probably not the only one.| Definately not the only planet.| None of the above. Choose one