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Please answer the following 5 simple poll questions honestly.

This poll may not be indicative of Earth humanity in general since only a small subset of the population will ever visit this page. However it will be interesting to find out the opinion of the visitors about important or relevant issues.

Every 28 days the results will be stored permanently at the Poll Results page and a new poll will be created.

Please email poll suggestions and ideas to webmaster { at } futureofmankind { dot } co { dot } uk

Poll end date: 6th April 2010

Poll Questions

<qpoll id="poll001" showresults="1"> {What is your conclusion as to Billy Meier's authenticity? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | He is definately truth incarnate.| He is probably telling the truth.| Undecided.| He is probably a deceiver or insane.| He is definately a deceiver or insane.| None of the above. Choose one

{What is the probability that extraterrestrials have visited our planet within the last 200 years? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | An absolute certainty.| Very probable.| Undecided.| Unlikely.| Impossible.| None of the above. Choose one

{Do you believe that a Creator God exists? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Of course God exists.| Probably.| Undecided.| Probably not.| Don't be silly.| None of the above. Choose one

{Do you think that planet Earth is the only one inhabited by intelligent life in the entire universe? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Definately the only one.| Probably the only one.| Undecided.| Probably not the only one.| Definately not the only planet.| None of the above. Choose one

{By how much do you think that planet Earth is overpopulated with regards to the number of humans that it can comfortably potentially support? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Severely overpopulated.| Somewhat overpopulated.| Neither overpopulated or underpopulated.| It's somewhat underpopulated.| It's very underpopulated. | None of the above. Choose one