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Please answer the following 5 simple poll questions honestly. You can answer the questions without having to register and log in (you can answer them anonymously but logging in first also works and it will be recorded in the Wiki database which means that your username and poll answers will be visible to an admin).

This poll may not be indicative of Earth humanity in general since only a small subset of the population will ever visit this page. However it will be interesting to find out the opinion of the site visitors about important or relevant issues.

Every calendar month the results will be stored permanently at the Poll Results page and a new poll will be created.

Please email poll suggestions and ideas to webmaster { at } futureofmankind { dot } co { dot } uk

Poll end date: 6th May 2010

Poll Questions

<qpoll id="poll002" showresults="1"> {Which aspect of Eduard Meier's writings is the most important one to you? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | The information regarding alien life.| The spiritual teaching.| All aspects are equally important to me.| None are important to me. | None of the above. Choose one

{Do you take part in the peace meditation? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Yes, every month.| Yes, sometimes.| No.| No, but I didn't know one existed until now.| None of the above. Choose one

{Do you think that God listens to prayers? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Definately.| Probably.| Undecided.| Probably not.| Absolutely not.| No God exists that can listen to prayers.| None of the above. Choose one

{Would you like the Plejaren (or other groups) to appear more frequently over capital cities? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | Yes.| No.| Undecided.| Don't care.| None of the above. Choose one

{To which age range do you belong? |layout="proposals transpose" type="unique()"} | 5-20 years old. | 21-30 years old. | 31-40 years old.| 41-50 years old.| 51+ years old. | Prefer not to say. Choose one