System and Order

From Future Of Mankind

Lecture by Elisabeth Gruber, Austria May 8, 1993

Translated into English by Helga Friedrich

I have chosen this topic because I have recognized its immense importance for the positive, balanced and successful outcome of daily life.

Maybe there is one among you who, like I, did let time go by without thinking much about system and order and did not become aware that this is one of the main reasons for the manifestation of success and harmony in our life’s unfolding - or the lack of it. 

In the course of our life we look for reasons for failure often in the wrong places or we question our own capabilities. But, in very many cases the lack of system and order is primarily responsible for the underachievement we suffer in our life. 

Now, there is the fundamental question of what is exactly to be understood by system and order and what are the “factors” involved. 

In system and order a fundamental cosmic law is expressed. We can recognize this law by observing nature. It demonstrates a perfect plan, arranged in harmony in the Law of System and Order. This universal law is evident in the atoms, the smallest known building blocks of life, as well it is evident in the macrocosmos. Humans, as part of Creation, are integrated into a conscious evolution of the self. Therefore it is of utmost significance to recognize and to apply system and order as one of the most important fundamental principles necessary for a progressive and successful unfolding of Life in an evolutionary sense.  Adding to that allow me to quote from Billy’s “Geisteslehre” [Spirit Teaching]:

“Solely by the Law of System and Order, the whole universe will be maintained. In this Law of System and Order the absolute, universal love is embedded, which by its own effort each form of life must acquire. If the human being wants to be healthy, happy and successful in material life, then the daily life has to be structured and adhered to in every respect according to the very same Law of System and Order.”

What is demanded of us within the material sphere of life that will enable us to shape our life in accordance with the Law of System and Order? For this law to become effective in our daily life, many factors have to be considered. Among them I deem the following important to be learned and observed: reliability, conscientiousness, punctuality, exactness, discipline, correctness, sense of duty, orderliness. 

Also, to this list I add the acquisition of learning how to work with an exact schedule and the exact following of it. When a thorough planning has been done beforehand, all intended work will be executed more efficiently. For example, women or men with a large scope of work can master this extended scope of work only in an exact way by observing the Law of System and Order.

What seems self-evident, thoroughly obvious and logical appears in reality to be an enormous task which has to be mastered. At first there are the constantly arising influences in our surroundings which lead to diversions or create other problems and difficulties. These require extra effort to adhere to our planned activities. Secondly, in learning discipline and trying to be consistent, the powerful adversaries in us let us down in our efforts again and again. Indeed our conscience sometimes admonishes us as an unpleasant yet helpful reminder to pay yet more attention on our path of acquiring new habits. 

Frequently, it is aimlessness and purposelessness, indolence, disorder, unpunctuality, and many other unpleasant habits that we have to remove if we want happiness, contentment and success to be established in our daily life. Yet when we seriously expose ourselves to the Law of System and Order a natural inner resistance is stirring and so also grows the aversion to half-measures, aimlessness, purposelessness and more of the same in that measure as we endeavour to bring order into our everyday life. Whereby we come to the understanding that only by applying system and order we are capable to meet the demands of the material life.  Many positive habits we acquire by working with this law of nature, as for instance, conscientiousness and reliability whereby we win the trust of the people around us.

Therefore we also become aware that the application of system and order in our daily life influences the forming and development of our psyche in a significant and positive way. The balance of our psyche is a fundamental prerequisite for comprehending and understanding the spirit in connection with evolution. Through controlling our daily life we can create furthermore the necessary space and quiet needed to distance ourselves from surrounding disturbances whereby a very important requirement for studying the teaching of the spirit [Geisteslehre] and for meditation will be realized. Especially then, when learning and applying discipline in connection with the evolution of the spirit, it is of decisive significance that we come to terms with system and order at the beginning of our studies, so that we are able to gain precious knowledge and be successful. Whether studying the teaching of the spirit [Geisteslehre], learning to meditate or other spirit and consciousness-related  disciplines, we realize very soon whether we have comprehended the meaning and significance of this law. In the first place namely, each prospect of success and progress depends on consistency, discipline, overcoming the self, how strict we can be with ourselves and more of the same. All of this has to be realized for achieving our spiritual goals. Among others we add a firm and steady timetable for our studies which has to be followed consistently without exceptions, a regular practice of meditation, as well as practicing of all acquired teachings in our daily life. 

Should we lack in the realization of the tremendous importance of system and order and its’ absolutely necessary acquisition by learning and applying it, then we are not in the position to develop that power which enables us to follow the path of spiritual evolution with the necessary prospect of success.

On the one hand, we need this power to ward off the attack of the already mentioned manifold influences from our environment and, on the other hand, to be able to resist the already mentioned adverse powers within us.

In order to be able to follow our destined path of evolution in the required measure, we have a hard battle to fight, particularly in our present world burdened with problems, but in any case it is worthwhile to fight whereby we attain inner peace, happiness and contentment. 

When we look up to the immeasurable expanse and see the stars moving forever in an indisputable order, or when we obtain an insight here on Earth by exploring the conditions of life and behaviour in the plant and animal kingdoms, then this fundamental law of all existence in the universe will reveal itself. It is also imbedded in the laws and recommendations of Creation that we humans, as part of the universal life, recognize system and order as an all-time noticeable, perceptible and applicable help for evolution in the eternal cosmic events. 

In conclusion regarding my thoughts to system and order for everyday life I would like to add the following: each functioning order in the community presupposes the assimilation of each single person into the conformity of system and order. Therefore to the benefit of all humans, laws, provisions and rules in accordance with the principles and laws of nature have to be laid down in order to smother the seeds of every kind of degeneration. Only by this means, it is possible for all mankind to live and maintain a life worthy of humans with all the requirements necessary for evolutionary development.