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CSL 21:19, 17 November 2008 (UTC) I like to think I keep my eyes open, trying to learn from every experience,wrom within and without. From my own observations, I have seen that the world is being destablised by a multitude of small groups, who want to control us all. Like the saying goes "He who holds the keys to heaven rules the world". Unfortunatly some of these groops dont want to hold the keys, they're just scared of not getting in. C

Jamesm 22:55, 18 November 2008 (UTC) Are these groups you are referring to the religions and sects (Christianity, Catholicism, Islam etc)? They certainly have a lot of power and I cannot see them letting go so easily but then again I already see a lot less people in the UK going to church than say 10 years ago. The bible contains too many ridiculous statements to be believable by the majority of the population now. Like God has only 1 son. Thats a bit of favouritism isnt it, God? I also would have thought you'd have a daughter too just to make it equal in the eyes of the feminists. Another example: we only get one chance at a good life. What happens to all the children that are murdered? Or even the aborted foetuses...they didn't learn much in their short lives about how to love the good Lord (and the holy spirit and Jesus) now did they?

(CSL 22:31, 21 November 2008 (UTC))

Well, it is true, but when people start asking the question "is this all that I am?" There are always going to be those who believe that they can get somthing out of it. Its just a shame that instead of just alowing those who search for the answere, to go on and find their answeres, they just try to get their "moneys worth". I'd agree with the statement that Terrans are addicted to the accumulation of material posessions. Its a sad fact that we must tread a fine line between Greed and economic survival, and for all its faults, it is the economic drive that has pushed the boundaries of tecnology, for better or for worse. So between the the self posessed key holders and the material accumulators and the manipulators, where does that leave the ones who are searching for the answere to the question and to make their present life meaningful?

But you cant blame those who seek comfort and inspiration in the "ishwish" that our own peoples have set upon pedistals. After all when dominated by fear and with no understanding, people do want a Parent figure to put them first and make things better, to show favoratism to.

What is your oppinion(s)?

Hawaiian 06:35, 25 February 2009 (UTC)Greetings my friends, this is a very interesting topic that "addresses" the dilemma of human manipulation by other "human parasites" calling themselves as "gods" and enslaving fellow humans spiritual development through ridiculous religious nonsense. One only needs to propose to any human family or for that matter any life form beings that procreates, a simple question, "do you want your offspring to become greater than oneself, although a father or mother is superior to its offspring in both intelligence and spiritual development?

The answer is an astounding logical "yes", so why (according to religious beliefs) does it not apply to these god or gods? After all "superior ones" should display forms of compassion and dignity to those less developed than themselves, therefore the concept of god being absolute and unapproachable by mankind is false. Or one can deduce that because of the characteristics of basic parent-offspring relationship of compassion, its "value" in Creational laws is vastly superior to any unwielding god or being.

Simply because these human parasites only lust for power, greed and egotistic selfish stupidity (that have no place in creation in the first place). More so, at least one can respect the non-human parasites for the simple reason it does not have the capacity or free will to determine right from wrong. Now, only if humans could break these chains of bondage called religions and seek the answers that are within each, with of course help from our more advanced humans in this universe.

As one saying goes "evil triumphs whenever good beings standby or do nothing" is quite revealing as witnessed throughout this universe on numerous occasions.