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Index addition requests please

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Hello I am looking for information about green atmospheres for the Rayleigh Scattering section of the Planets page. My hypothesis is that they have one way or another mentioned that green atmospheres are better than blue ones, I am not trying to insult scientists/planet hunters at all not my intention only to get to truth, what kind of extraterrestrial wouldn't notice the most obvious thing and eventually say it if the whole thing revolved around explaining something. I hypothesise that this is somehow concealed or alluded to vaguely or in another context or in a different way. Have you found anything like this during your construction of the index? Perhaps an emerald or turquoise veil or a deep rich st patricks day colouration, anything that makes it difficult to find because it doesn't specifically mention "Green" and "Atmosphere", they sometimes deliberately don't like the answers to be found easily and on other occasions the translators don't appreciate the value of what they're looking at until someone points it out, so the text is not first in translation priority. I thought you might be the best person to ask now, having made this index as well as you have, however I do know how to access the world group if needs be, I prefer to try to solve the mystery independently first as it requires a level of unnecessary embroilment to retrieve those answers in that way, Thank you for any information you've found.
--Daniel Leech (talk) 12:16, 9 November 2017 (GMT)

Florena, Zafenatpaneach.

--Daniel Leech (talk) 19:45, 21 January 2017 (GMT)

I really don't know how I overlooked this. They should indeed be listed in the index. There are many that should be mentioned. I have now started and done Florena.... so to speak.

--Stevel (talk) 15:52, 22 January 2017 (GMT)

Thank you.

--Daniel Leech (talk) 11:49, 27 January 2017 (GMT)


Talk about it.

Perhaps it's a good idea to go with the flow... If scientific discovery relies on prior discovery leading to further discovery then becoming normal then leading to something else and so on and so fourth.
--Daniel Leech (talk) 21:40, 2 January 2017 (GMT)

Thank you conversation

Thank you for refusing cheap products

Hello, nice to meet you Stevel. This is good work I have seen. Thank you very much Stevel for your efforts, they really will be valued by many, and you have identified many areas I didn't know about.

You notice I placed anchor points, added links to the contact report number and linked some of the subjects to the Meier encyclopia. Has this been ok with you?, I thought I ought to ask before assuming any further having only done A so far. To me this makes the index more appealing to be regularly used by the readers of the website because they can click and click and the experience flows better if they don't have to then bring up a new tab manually and then remember the number and find the information they were looking for. But I was going to let it settle before I linked everything. Let me know.

I will step back and allow you the space necessary to make all the various evaluations, ...for now, we speak again later.

Again great work, thank you so much I really enjoy reading.


Hello Daniel. Nice to meet you too, although I think we have replied to each other's comments on here in the past unless there are several Daniels. My name is Stephan Lane.

Thank you very much for contributing to the index. It is much appreciated and in fact a relief for me as I didn't relish the prospect of doing all of that myself. What you have done is exactly what I had envisaged, so be my guest and continue. This is the first time I have created/edited Wiki pages so it started out as a mess but is now looking good. If you find any mistakes or index entries that are inappropriate in some way, feel free to modify/delete them.

My hope for this index is to not only provide another means of finding information that can sometimes be difficult to pin down with one or two search words, but to also give folk an idea of the enormity of Billy's contacts simply by browsing through.

Best regards.


Good. Thank you Steve, please continue with the valuable work. I remember, now I think about it, yes there are many Daniels apparently, its good to be with you.

You're familiar with the MHRA style guide for indexing.

Its a good way of assessing the enormity of the works. And you have presented it beautifully.

An Index is a good idea and a Contact Report Index is a good idea.


(Archived Dec 2016)

Helpful information about Mediawiki

Thank you

Add a signature timestamp to Talk: discussion pages - if want to.
Third button in on the toolbar

or type this and it will retrieve the info.

--Daniel Leech (talk) 10:25, 2 January 2017 (GMT)

To make a link to a page on the wiki.

Place two brackets [[ and ]] at each end of a word
It will link to the page if it exist and turn blue, or red if not exist.
Its case sensitive, so [[contact reports]] wont link, but [[Contact Reports]] 
will unless there is a redirect.

Link to a contact report by just the number

Change the 000 over to the number of the report
[[Contact Report 000|000 text any text you want]]
anything before the | is link - anything after | is link text

for example this will link the user to the contact report 251
Or Contact Report 256 direct link no alternative text
Overpopulation Bomb for example, to link to any page on the wiki


<br> puts everything after it onto a new line
<br><br> puts everything after a spaced line onto a new line


<ref>whatever reference text you want for example see [[Contact Reports]]</ref>
but at the bottom of page
=== equals signs each side make headers hierarchy that link to TOC at top of page
this <references/> tag will begin all references on the page and sort them all for you.

---- four of them makes a page break

Make a redirect like for example: Greater Atlantis

to make a link go to the right place
create new page; with
#REDIRECT [[name of the page]]
its case sensitive
save and reload


Thank you Take a look at all your tools
and there are many other special things.
The mediawiki uses very few templates or extensions and the site admin James must be contacted about this.
Pure HTML is enabled, but please take care with it because it quickly breaks the formatting of the site.

Anchors are important with what you have done with the index page because of the shear volume of information and locating it easily by links. You can see how I have done that if you get around to that later, by looking at the code used on the linked page.

Thanks for the valuable work. Daniel.