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For types of human see Humanoid lifeforms in the known universe.

A human being is produced from two material elements, namely the female's egg and the male's sperm. From the union of egg and sperm in the female's womb, a tiny embryo develops; the common fruit of two human beings—man and woman, the parents. The material, parental substances merge into a combination of egg-cell and sperm through the execution of the procreative act and they continue to develop in the embryo which lives initially only as an impulse-based naturally instinctive small body with no consciousness and personality of its own. This tiny body stems from two other fully-grown bodies and is just as material as they are, because the procreative act alone is just the consummation of a material process where the consciousness-form of one or even both parents is not transferred when the sperm and egg cell combine.[1]

If this were the case then the conceived offspring would have the same consciousness of one or even both parents which is absolutely not possible because, according to the laws of Creation, each consciousness is specifically related to only one single comprehensive consciousness block and this in turn is assigned to one single spirit-form. If it were not so, then what the laws of Creation say is impossible would occur, namely that two different consciousness-forms and also two different personalities could take possession of a human being, in fact already at the moment of conception.[2]

An illustration from a book by Randolph Winters.

Truthfully, two consciousness-forms and two personalities can never simultaneously take possession of a human being, because this would be against the nature of the laws of Creation, and the Creation itself would reduce to absurdity.[3]

Conception, Consciousness and Personality of the Human Being

What the Human Seeks

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The 7 Main Factors in the Human Life

Written by Eduard “Billy” Albert Meier © 2000
From spiritual-teaching teaching-lesson No. 31.
Source: FLAU: The seven main factors in the human life

English German

The Seven Main Periods in the Human Life

  • 1. Birth
  • 2. Childhood
  • 3. Youth
  • 4. Age of the education and formation
  • 5. Age of the experience and of the evaluation
  • 6. Age of the consideration and the giving of advice (old age)
  • 7. Death

The Seven Main Virtues of the Human Being

  • 1. Moderateness
  • 2. Steadfastness
  • 3. Attentiveness
  • 4. Honesty
  • 5. Discretion
  • 6. Carefulness
  • 7. Benevolence

The Seven Areas of Evolution of The Human Being

  • 1. Knowledge
  • 2. Wisdom
  • 3. Love
  • 4. Truth
  • 5. [natural] Law fulfilment
  • 6. Equalisedness
  • 7. Creating

The Seven Foundations of Being Human

  • 1. Modesty
  • 2. Anti-materialism
  • 3. Perseverance
  • 4. Patience
  • 5. Peace
  • 6. Universal love
  • 7. Understanding

The Seven Mights of the Formation of the Psyche

  • 1. Love
  • 2. Music/singing
  • 3. Poetry
  • 4. Nature
  • 5. Satisfaction
  • 6. Light
  • 7. Peace

The Seven Powers of the Human Being

  • 1. Strength
  • 2. Rationality
  • 3. Intellect
  • 4. Self-discipline
  • 5. Self-control
  • 6. Self-achievement
  • 7. Fearlessness

The Seven Main Errors of the Human Being

  • 1. Carelessness
  • 2. Obstinacy
  • 3. Fear (timorousness)
  • 4. Submissiveness
  • 5. Presumptuousness
  • 6. Indolence
  • 7. Selfishness

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Life as a genetically modified human being

See Aging

Excerpts from: 'Ein Quentchen Wissen, Sinn und Weisheit' (A Little Bit of Knowledge, Sense and Wisdom)

Written by Eduard “Billy” Albert Meier © 2000
Translation by Vivienne Legg 3rd July 2013
Source: FIGU-Interessengruppe Colorado Newsletter 001 (PDF)

English German
If the life is viewed and considered in all its situations and variations, then it can be recognised that life means a constant struggle, a continuous careful study of one's own innermost (self) and outer self. The innermost self, which exists in the deepest consciousness, reflects the values of the creational spirit, but in opposition to that, the human being forms the outer self, the outer personality, according to his/her own views and understandings, by means of his/her thoughts and feelings and will. And, as a rule, this outer self, this outer personality, which is also released outwardly in the environment as one's conduct, completely contradicts the innermost self which has a creationally-given nature.

In the constant argument between the two forms of self, other factors continually attempt to interfere, which overlayingly and superficially fight again and again to misguidingly shove themselves above the current occurrences of self-struggle. However, the innermost self nonetheless incessantly struggles through again and again, and again and again always drowns out and covers over the outer self, which is foreign to Creation and is created by the human being himself/herself. It is always there, constantly ready to break through the accumulated, tangled confusion of the outer personality in order to allow the human being's thinking and feeling to assiduously flourish and be effective, in accordance with the innermost creational self. This may very often only happen allusively, but it also proves its existence through the human becoming contemplative and contemplating the most varied things, events and situations as well as his/her behaviour and virtues, and so forth – even if that often only happens for extremely short periods, without great effect, and calls forth no noteworthy change of the external self, the external personality. Nonetheless, the innermost self constantly has the power to bring at least a vague smile to the human being's facial features, even if this is only brief and barely noticeable. However, this fine smile testifies that the innermost, the spiritual, the creational self, without doubt stands above everything; invulnerable, exalted and wise, quite in contrast to the outer self, the outer personality, which is positioned outwardly for show and through which the human abases himself/herself and presses himself/herself into the dust.

The human being's innermost, spiritual-creational self is his/her most precious possession, the most valuable pearl of his/her life, the greatest of all treasures concealed in him/her and the greatest value that he/she carries around with himself/herself. His/her innermost self, his/her true self, which has a creational nature, is the true stone of wisdom. It does not consist of silver, gold or precious stone, rather, it consists of creational energy and true creational love – constantly ready to penetrate the human being's deepest consciousness and also his/her external consciousness, so that he/she listens to it and orientates himself/herself accordingly, in order to live in the creational-natural sense, to be progressive and to fulfil his/her life according to the laws and recommendations. But the human being almost never listens to the call of the innermost spiritual-creational self and only seldom feels its pulsating impulses which call upon him/her to really live, to be human, to create knowledge, true love and wisdom, and to be evolutive.

The true innermost, spiritual-creational self, is the eternal light, the radiating shine of the all-great-time – in all the darkness and gloominess which surrounds the human being in his/her life led in a self-willed form. The true, innermost self wants to make the human being into a king and emperor over himself/herself – but it is this human being who, in irrationality and imperiousness, counteracts and disgracefully misuses and abuses the true, innermost self, because he/she frantically seeks his/her external self-realization, and the realization of his/her external personality, outside of all the creational-natural values of his/her innermost self. But it is nonetheless always quite close to the human being – in every single moment. It must only be recognized, understood and utilized. Only the human being's union with his/her innermost spiritual-creational self, makes him/her fertile in the regard that he/she recognizes himself/herself in his/her deepest depths of his/her consciousness, and from that can create a conscious, healthy and positive self-realization. And if he/she manages to do that, then he/she is able to bring everything imaginable to fruition which is anchored in his/her capabilities and possibilities. But for millennia, the human being in general, and the great majority of his/her kind, has not been striving especially for these high values, for which reason, for millennia, it has always only been individuals who have connected with their innermost selves, and thereby gained great cognitions by means of which they became wise, and produced many kinds of progress for all human beings; consequently they were the true cause for the entire further development in regard to love, truth, wisdom, harmony, knowledge, peace and freedom, even when all these values were always trampled underfoot again and again by elements who were criminals against humanity, and they will also still be further trampled in the new age. However, it was nevertheless the impulses of the human being's innermost, true, spiritual-creational self from which the motivation was formed, by means of which the human being developed. And it was these impulsive motivations of the innermost self from which all progress of every kind came forth, because by penetrating into the deepest layers of the human being's consciousness and then into his/her open consciousness, into his/her personality and into his/her thinking and contemplation, they formed not only him/her, rather also the entire terrestrial environment and all sciences which exist. The impulses of the innermost self, from which also the power of knowledge and of contemplation as well as the creation of ideas comes forth, transformed everything via the material consciousness and thereby, if they were heeded, always again and again created new and better inner and outer conditions. However, that only came about because of exceptions, because always only a few turned to the innermost values and behaved and developed accordingly, while the majority of the mass of humanity did not care about it, and still even today it does not; consequently it will also only ever be a few in the future who pay heed to the innermost self. The fact is that in most human beings the conscious sense for the innermost self and its immeasurable values, has wasted away and has disappeared. But that cannot continue to be accepted, because the future does not stand still and it demands constant progress. Therefore the human being in the new age, today and tomorrow and in all of the future, will have to gradually move to turn around, whether he/she likes it or not, because this is absolutely necessary for the conscious evolution.

The human being must learn again to return to his/her deepest, innermost values and imperishable treasures, for which he/she has searched for a very, very long time, only in his/her external personality, in his/her external self and also beyond this in the pure material world. As a result of this wrong attitude, the correct measure of life and the presence of his/her innermost self were lost to him/her, therefore he/she now must again learn to find these things and use them in order to be able to equalise all extremes, and to finally be again able to advance to that which is essential and actually valuable, and to recognise the true sense of the life, which lies in the conscious evolution. Thereby, it is to be wished for that all those who look very much further than the average human being and who consciously allow themselves to be led and guided by their innermost self, the spiritual-creational power, will be acknowledged and honourably respected in dignity by those fellow human beings, who in this regard are still uneducated and still misguidedly stand in opposition to the whole thing, and those who are straggling far behind. However, the number of all those who still err, who are still unknowing or who doubtingly stand in opposition to everything, and so forth, is very great. But they are all human beings who must learn, recognise and evolve even if they err and err again and again. However, the question is, how much irrationality, confusion and bewilderment are still required before even the very last human being on the Earth finally has grasped essentially where life's way and the evolutionary way ought to lead, and where these actually do lead. And to go both these ways is not actually easy, because the entire life and the evolving, means struggle, even in the love, truth, wisdom and harmony and even so in the freedom and joy as well as in the peace and in the feelings for others and in being human in the true sense, and so forth.

As a human being, one must never forget the sense of the life and never the existence of the innermost self. Only in one situation – namely when one is overcome by current events or if one is occupied with things that are established outside of the high values of the sense of life and of the innermost self – may one sometimes briefly give oneself over to forgetfulness. So, it does not mean that one must constantly only dedicate oneself to the evolution, rather that one has the freedom to occupy oneself also with different, and purely worldly, things. Yet one ought to always be mindful of this: that everything worldly is only a concurrent matter in the happenings of the sense of life and thereby in the happenings of the evolution – a matter which is indeed necessary, but which ought never to be overvalued. If one lives correctly, the life consists of a fascination about the eternal becoming and passing, and of the constant up and down and back and forth of all necessary things and motions, which call forth transformations and which are required for the entire life and evolution, as well as for the everyday life of the human being. Yet, for the human being, along with the material existence, exists the existence of the spiritual- creational, which is the actual and true life. Therefore, for him/her, the single hope is that which is inescapable, and the higher, joyous Ziel of going over into the next highest level, where, however, all instruction and all learning continue. Therefore, the human being must always – and even right here and now, in this moment – make the effort to do his/her duty. If one views and considers all the wonders of nature which have come forth from the creational spirit and its energy, then for a few fleeting moments one captures the power and beauty of the creational spirit, the fine- spiritual-perception of which one, as a human being, can sometimes capture in certain moments. To that end, however, the elevated, easy manner of living this relaxed, uncramped way, which is only characteristic of a few human beings, is an urgent and unforgoable prerequisite.

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An Algorithm in the Body – Resist the Beginnings!

Written by Mariann Uehlinger, Switzerland.
Translation by Vibka Wallder, Australia.
Corrections by Bruce Lulla, USA.
Source: beam2eng: An Algorithm in the Body, Resist the Beginnings

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

For some time now, the media have been full of articles and comments about the so-called ‘artificial intelligence’, AI for short. In the case of the artificial intelligence it is about creating something that does not show human weaknesses, which therefore is, so to speak, infallible in contrast to us inadequate human beings; if we just think about our inadequate concentration-ability and endurance, our relatively slow but erratic thinking, our inexactness in carrying out work, the forgetfulness, the listlessness, the unsatisfaction, the need for sleep, the need for food, the self-wilfulness, and so forth and so on.

Depending on which articles one reads, one could assume that the artificial intelligence is already ready to program itself or to think for itself, but naturally this is not the case, because in the interim and far into the future it is still the ‘inadequate human being’ who compiles the programs. However, this has been deliberately ignored by the AI enthusiasts, i.e. nerds, or more recently ‘geeks’. Their longing is the fusion of human being and machine. The ‘RFID chipped ones’ among them have already made a start.

The term ‘algorithm’ belongs to AI. But what is it anyway, an algorithm? In the internet I found, among other things, a casual one-sentence explanation: “An algorithm is an instruction, a formula, etc., to solve a certain problem.”

First and foremost, it is the efficiency of a constantly repeating process, thus a so-called ‘auto-pilot’.

Whoever wants to create algorithms must therefore understand very much about mathematics, computer science and of course also neurology, since it involves mathematical formulas, which – by means of a corresponding medium, for example, a chip – are ultimately inserted in the brain or somewhere else in the body and are to do their work there. Examples of well-known algorithms are: The GPS known to us, computer opponents in a chess game, google search, traffic light controls, predictable forensics, steering of weapons (drones, missiles, etc.), ‘intelligent’ power meters (smart meters), ‘intelligent’ watches (smart watches), and so on and so forth.

Some authors see a parallel between the human beings who indulge in digitalism and the fanatics of religions, others draw attention to the danger of the digital weapons technology (drones, missiles, etc.), as they are already being used worldwide.

The prediction by Billy proves, that the use of the so-called artificial intelligence is by no means utopia, that is to say, a pipe dream (contact 251 from 3rd February, 1995, sentences 269 – 271 ff., book ‘Prophecies and Predictions’, Wassermannzeit Publishing House, FIGU, German only):

269. The renewed threat of war will erupt and last for about 40 years, however, whereby first, about 6 years prior, human beings will be reconstructed to machines, that is to say robots, by connecting their nervous system with the finest-electronic-biological apparatuses and machines and thereby steering them, which about 85 years later will lead to big problems, when, as already in the earliest times before, the scientists who have become mighty begin to play ‘god’ and genetically create new breeds between human and animal, which then as ‘half-humans’ declare solidarity with the robot humans.

270. Until then, however, more than eight decades will pass after the creation of the robot-humans, as has already been said.

271. With the making of the robot-humans also intelligent robots of a biological-electronic-mechanical form will be constructed, as well as a very large space station, which will have its own orbit around the sun and on which very many human beings will live.

Seit einiger Zeit sind die Medien voll mit Artikeln und Kommentaren über die sogenannte ‹Künstliche Intelligenz›, kurz KI genannt. Bei der Künstlichen Intelligenz (Englisch AI, Artificial Intelligence) geht es unter anderem auch darum, etwas zu schaffen, das keine menschliche Schwächen zeigt, das also sozusagen unfehlbar ist im Gegensatz zu uns unzulänglichen Menschen, denken wir nur an unsere mangelnde Konzentrationsfähigkeit und Ausdauer, das relativ langsame, jedoch sprunghafte Denken, unsere Ungenauigkeit in der Arbeitsausführung, die Vergesslichkeit, die Lustlosigkeit, die Ungenügsamkeit, das Schlafbedürfnis, die benötigte Verpflegung, die Eigenwilligkeit usw. usf.

Je nachdem, welche Artikel man liest, könnte man meinen, die Künstliche Intelligenz sei bereits soweit, sich selbst zu programmieren oder gar selbst zu denken, aber dem ist natürlich nicht so, denn vorläufig und auch bis weit in die Zukunft ist es immer noch der ‹unzulängliche Mensch›, der die Programme erstellt. Das wird jedoch bei den KI Enthusiasten, sprich Nerds, resp. neuerdings ‹Geeks›, geflissentlich übergangen. Ihre Sehnsucht ist die Verschmelzung von Mensch und Maschine. Die ‹RFID Be-chipsten› unter ihnen haben bereits den Anfang gemacht.

Zur KI gehört der Begriff ‹Algorithmus›. Aber was ist das überhaupt, ein Algorithmus? Im Internetz habe ich u.a. eine saloppe Ein-Satz-Erklärung gefunden: «Ein Algorithmus ist eine Handlungsanweisung, ein Rezept etc., um ein bestimmtes Problem zu lösen.»

In allererster Linie geht es um die Effizienz eines sich ständig wiederholenden Ablaufs, also ein sogenannter ‹Autopilot›.

Wer Algorithmen kreieren will, muss demnach sehr viel von Mathematik, Informatik und natürlich auch Neurologie verstehen, denn es geht um mathematische Formeln, die – mittels eines entsprechenden Mediums, wie z.B. eines Chips – schliesslich ins Gehirn oder sonst in den Körper eingebracht werden und dort ihr Werk verrichten sollen. Beispiele bekannter Algorithmen sind: Das uns bekannte GPS, Computergegner im Schach, Google-Suche, Verkehrsampeln-Steuerung, vorhersagbare Forensik, Waffensteuerung (Drohnen, Missiles, etc.), ‹intelligente› Stromzähler (Smart Meter), ‹intelligente› Uhren (Smart Watch), usw. usf.

Einige Autoren sehen eine Parallele zwischen den Menschen, die dem Digitalismus frönen und den Fanatikern von Religionen, andere machen auf die Gefährlichkeit der digitalen Waffentechnologie aufmerksam (Drohnen, Missiles, etc.), wie sie bereits jetzt weltweit eingesetzt wird.

Dass es sich bei der Nutzung der sogenannten Künstlichen Intelligenz in Menschen keineswegs um eine Utopie resp. ein Hirngespinst handelt, beweist die Voraussage von Billy (Kontakt 251 vom 3. Februar 1995, Sätze 269 – 271 ff., Buch ‹Prophetien und Voraussagen›, Wassermannzeit-Verlag, FIGU):

269. Der neuerlich drohende Krieg wird ausbrechen und runde 40 Jahre dauern, wobei jedoch erstlich, etwa sechs Jahre zuvor, Menschen zu Maschinen resp. Robotern umkonstruiert werden, indem ihre Nervenbahnen mit feinstelektronisch-biologischen Apparaturen und Maschinen verbunden und dadurch gesteuert werden, was etwa 85 Jahre später zu grossen Problemen führen wird, wenn, wie schon zu frühesten Zeiten zuvor, die mächtig gewordenen Wissenschaftler ‹Gott› zu spielen beginnen und genetische Neuzüchtungen schaffen zwischen Mensch und Tier, die sich dann als ‹Halbmenschen› mit den Robotermenschen solidarisch erklären.

270.Bis dahin aber werden noch mehr als acht Jahrzehnte nach der Robotermenschen-Kreierung vergehen, wie schon gesagt wurde.

271. Mit dem Erschaffen der Roboter-Menschen werden auch intelligente Roboter biologisch-elektronisch-maschineller Art konstruiert, wie auch eine sehr grosse Raumstation, die eine eigene Umlaufbahn um die Sonne haben wird und auf der sehr viele Menschen leben werden.

It is a mystery to me, why there are so many human beings who get excited about the digitalisation to such an extent, as if it were brilliant and would relieve us of all problems.

In each case I ask myself, whether they really think so simple-mindedly or only pretend to be specialists themselves, in order to be seen as prudent and forward-thinking. But perhaps they are just greedy for might and money. Luckily there are still those, who warn against the – mostly hidden – danger of algorithmic belief. In the interim artificial intelligence is actually not yet what the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker seem to make of it, just because the term ‘intelligence’ is found therein. Even robots that look human are not capable of their own thinking, because for that they would need a functioning human or human-like brain.

The comparison with the machinations of the religions is certainly very realistic, but what probably escapes most, and especially the fanatical and/or simple-minded supporters of digitalisation, is the hidden and heinous intention of the male and female shady characters. Exactly like most of the religious fat cats – with whom they are probably most likely connected –, the master-minds behind everything are also out to sneakily influence and incapacitate us human beings of Earth and to manipulate us according to their sense. For that no means is too unappetising for them. On the 1st of January, 2011, during the 512th official contact, Ptaah explained the following to Billy:

Ptaah: As you wish, but it could become dangerous for you in a way.

Billy: I accept that.

Ptaah: Then I can therefore speak openly: Zafenatpaneach explained again that on Earth a religious-sectarian organisation cooperates with a certain secret service, in order to manipulate the human beings – according to their sense – by means of the television, the computers and the internet. Not only that the television sets and many monitors are manipulated in such a way, that the organisation can directly see into the room and can observe and hear everything in the room in which the relevant device is, rather that also the computers are manipulated at will.

In regard to the computers that alone means, that they can be steered and interfered from the outside if the concerned organisation feels like it.

However, the whole thing still goes further, because the said secret-service-religious-sectarian structured organisation also interferes in the life of all users of television-, monitor- and internet-devices and manipulates them.

This organisation, which is protected by every secret-service trick in the book, has worldwide, through the countless manipulated devices, gained access to human beings' consciousness and controls their behaviour in many areas. … (See FIGU Special Bulletin No. 60, April 2011.)

In seemingly still free, so-called ‘democratic countries’, blue-eyed, simple-minded followers of the digital world let themselves be lulled in and get excited to be guinea pigs by means of cunning and heinous religious and sectarian practices. That is extremely inconsiderate and reckless, because thereby they slowly but surely fulfil the culmination point of the totalitarian surveillance and ‘dehumanisation’ of the bothersome meaningless mass of people by the elites, i.e. the ruling class. It most commonly promises a reward system, or at least a ‘simplification of life’, for the citizens who conform with the system, turn off their own brains and cheer for the rulers.

Refuseniks must expect drastic penalties, depending on their case. Thus is planned in China, where the citizens, due to good behaviour and conformity, are to receive bonus points or penalty points from the rulers.

China is most certainly not the only great might with such plans; in the heads of the EU-dictatorship-representatives this thought has not only been simmering for a while but has already struck roots. The future widespread use of smart meters and/or smart watches in Europe – including Switzerland – and in the USA originates from the same basic thought.

Unfortunately, the many freaks and other gadget-fanatics make it all too easy for the mights in the background, by not only carelessly and unconcernedly spreading even their intimate data world-wide, but also by brainlessly pouncing instantly on everything that their revered gods have praised as ‘awesome’ and cool.

Weshalb es so viele Menschen gibt, die sich dermassen für die Digitalisierung begeistern können, als ob sie das Gelbe vom Ei wäre und uns aller Probleme entheben würde, ist mir schleierhaft. Da frage ich mich jeweils, ob sie tatsächlich so unbedarft denken oder nur vorgeben, selbst Fachmänner und -frauen zu sein, um als gescheit und zukunftsdenkend dazustehen. Vielleicht sind sie auch nur macht- und geldgierig. Zum Glück gibt es auch noch solche, die vor der – meist versteckten – Bedrohung der Algorithmengläubigkeit warnen. Künstliche Intelligenz ist zwar vorläufig noch nicht das, was Hinz und Kunz darunter zu verstehen meint, nur weil der Begriff ‹Intelligenz› darin vorkommt. Selbst menschlich aussehende Roboter sind nicht des eigenen Denkens fähig, denn dazu bräuchten sie ein funktionierendes menschliches resp. menschenähnliches Gehirn.

Der Vergleich mit den Machenschaften der Religionen ist sicher sehr realistisch, aber was den meisten und vor allem den fanatischen und/oder unbedarften Anhängern der Digitalisierung wohl entgeht, ist die hintergründige und verwerfliche Absicht der Dunkelmänner und -frauen. Genau wie die Religionsbonzen – mit denen sie wohl meist auch verbandelt sind –, sind auch die Drahtzieher hinter allem darauf aus, uns Erdenmenschen hinterhältig zu beeinflussen, zu entmündigen und in ihrem Sinne zu manipulieren. Dazu ist ihnen kein Mittel zu unappetitlich. Ptaah erklärte Billy am 1. Januar 2011, anlässlich des 512. offiziellen Kontaktes, folgendes:

Ptaah: Wie du meinst, doch könnte es für dich in gewisser Hinsicht gefährlich werden.

Billy: Das nehme ich in Kauf.

Ptaah: Dann kann ich also offen reden: Zafenatpaneach erklärte nochmals, dass auf der Erde eine religiös-sektiererische Organisation mit einem gewissen Geheimdienst zusammenarbeitet, um die Menschen via die Television, die Computer und das Internet nach ihrem Sinn zu manipulieren. Nicht nur, dass die Televisionsgeräte und vielerlei Monitore derart manipuliert sind, dass von der Organisation durch diese direkt in den Raum gesehen und darin alles beobachtet und mitgehört werden kann, in dem das jeweilige Gerät steht, sondern dass auch die Computer nach Belieben manipuliert werden.

Allein das in bezug auf die Computer bedeutet, dass diese von ausserhalb gesteuert und beeinträchtigt werden können, wenn der betreffenden Organisation der Sinn danach steht.

Das Ganze geht jedoch noch weiter, denn die besagte geheimdienstlich-religiös-sektiererisch aufgebaute Organisation greift auch in das Leben aller Benutzer von Televisions-, Monitoren- und Internetgeräten ein und manipuliert diese.

Diese Organisation, die geheimdienstlich nach allen Regeln der Kunst geschützt wird, hat weltumfassend durch die unzähligen manipulierten Geräte Einlass ins Bewusstsein der Menschen erlangt und steuert in vielen Bereichen deren Verhalten. ... (Siehe FIGU-Sonder-Bulletin Nr. 60, April 2011.)

In scheinbar noch freien, sogenannt ‹demokratischen› Ländern lassen sich blauäugige, unbedarfte Anhänger der digitalen Welt durch raffinierte und verwerfliche religions- und sektenähnliche Praktiken als Versuchskaninchen einlullen und begeistern. Das ist extrem unbedacht und leichtsinnig, erfüllen sie dadurch doch langsam, aber sicher das Ziel der totalitären Überwachung und ‹Entmenschung› des lästigen Fussvolkes durch die Eliten resp. die herrschende Schicht. Meist wird damit ein Belohnungssystem, zumindest jedoch eine ‹Vereinfachung des Lebens› für systemkonforme Bürger versprochen, die ihren eigenes Gehirn ausschalten und für die Herrscher Pro und Hurra schreien.

Verweigerer müssen je nachdem mit drastischen Strafen rechnen. So geplant in China, wo die Bürger durch Wohlverhalten und Konformität mit den Herrschenden Bonus- oder Maluspunkte erhalten sollen.

China wird bestimmt nicht die einzige Grossmacht sein mit solchen Plänen, in den Köpfen der EU-Diktatur-Vertreter ist dieser Gedanke schon lange nicht nur am gären, sondern bereits am Wurzeln schlagen. Der zukünftige flächendeckende Einsatz von Smart Metern und/oder Smart Uhren in Europa – inklusive Schweiz – und den USA entstammt dem gleichen Grundgedanken.

Leider machen es die vielen Freaks und sonstigen Gadgets-Fanatiker den Mächten im Hintergrund allzu leicht, indem sie nicht nur leichtsinnig und unbekümmert ihre auch intimen Daten weltweit verbreiten, sondern auch indem sie sich auf alles von ihren verehrten Göttern als ‹geil› und lässig Angepriesene sofort hirnlos stürzen.

However, in any case, the intention of the scientists occupying themselves with the artificial intelligence, is to create an artificial brain that can also think independently and is not only limited to the automatable intelligence of the human being. According to ‘Prophecies and Predictions’ (Billy, Wassermannzeit Publishing House, FIGU), this will also become reality one of these days, which will not be today or tomorrow.

Contact 251 from 3rd February, 1995:

324. In this consequence, of course, it is inevitable that new human life forms will be discovered: Extra-terrestrials from which the Earth’s human being will learn very much and unimaginable things, and who are much more intelligent than the human beings of Earth.

325. Therethrough in turn the development in all areas makes rapid progress, wherethrough biological intelligences of an artificial form are created, which are used for the steering and handling of all apparatuses, equipment, electronics and machines as well as flying devices and driving devices and so forth, in a form in which one does not have to fear that the biological intelligences become independent and would become a threat to the Earth’s human beings, as will become the case through the robot-humans, which are then not needed anymore and therefore are quickly eradicated.

Unfortunately, already millennia ago, the human beings have lost the knowledge about their creational determination of the consciousness evolution. That is the reason why they – unknowing and insecure in themselves – throw themselves believingly at the feet anyone who promises everything under the sun for their submissive following. If the happenings are viewed and considered – the origins of which for the greatest part are to be found in the Earth human’s massively overflowing overpopulation –, for example the total exploitation of nature, the terrible environmental catastrophes, the refugee floods, the horrendous environmental pollution, the gruesome destructions and bestial wars, the terror getting totally out of the control of the good human nature, the hatred of strangers, races and religions, the gnawing hunger and the unbearable thirst, the crass declining feeling for others among the human beings, the lovelessness, the ruthless greed for wealth, the emotional and psychopathic-paranoid behaviour, the consciousness-based simple-mindedness and narrow-mindedness, the extreme brutality, the unreal religious-sectarian fanaticism, the abhorrent physical and psychical acts of Gewalt, the unconcernedness as well as consciencelessness and irresponsibility, and so on and so forth, then it is easy to ascertain that the Earth’s human being is crassly underdeveloped in terms of consciousness, and what would be more obvious than ‘complementing’ this underdeveloped human being with a few artificial ‘building blocks’ and thereby making him/her to an alleged ‘super human’, a cyborg. (The term stems from the English language; consisting of the terms ‘cybernetic’ and ‘organism’; in German ‘cybernetics’ [the science of steering] and organism. Fans of the science fiction series ‘Star Trek’ will surely remember the alien might called ‘Borg’.)

Nobody – neither the religious ones nor the scientists – seems to ask himself/herself the question: “What is actually a right, truthful and fair human being? How does such a human being behave?” (See also ‘Goblet of the Truth’ by Billy, section 28, sentences 93 to 95 [free download from ]

Das Ziel der sich mit der Künstlichen Intelligenz beschäftigenden Wissenschaftler ist jedoch in jedem Fall, ein künstliches Gehirn zu schaffen, das auch selbständig denken kann und nicht nur auf die automatisierbare Intelligenz des Menschen beschränkt ist. Gemäss ‹Prophetien und Voraussagen› (Billy, Wassermannzeit-Verlag, FIGU) wird auch das eines schönen Tages Wirklichkeit werden, wobei es noch nicht heute oder morgen sein wird.

Kontakt 251 vom 3. Februar 1995:

324. In dieser Folge kann es natürlich nicht ausbleiben, dass neue menschliche Lebensformen entdeckt werden: Ausserirdische, von denen die Erdenmenschen sehr viel und Ungeahntes lernen werden und die um ungemein vieles intelligenter sind als die Menschen der Erde selbst.

325. Dadurch wiederum schreitet die Entwicklung auf allen Gebieten rapide voran, wodurch biologische Intelligenzen künstlicher Form erschaffen werden, die für die Steuerungen und Handhabungen aller Apparaturen, Geräte, Elektroniken und Maschinen sowie Flug- und Fahrgeräte usw. eingesetzt werden in einer Form, bei der nicht befürchtet werden muss, dass sich die biologischen Intelligenzen selbständig machen und eine Gefahr bedeuten würden für die Erdenmenschen, wie dies der Fall werden wird durch die Roboter-Menschen, die in dieser Folge nunmehr nicht mehr gebraucht und deshalb kurzum ausgerottet werden.

Leider ist den Menschen das Wissen um ihre schöpferische Bestimmung der Bewusstseinsevolution schon vor Jahrtausenden verlorengegangen. Das ist der Grund, weshalb sie sich – in sich selbst unwissend und haltlos – jedem gläubig vor die Füsse werfen, der ihnen bei devoter Gefolgschaft das Blaue vom Himmel suggeriert. Werden die Geschehnisse betrachtet, deren Ursprung zum allergrössten Teil in der masslos ausufernden erdenmenschlichen Überbevölkerung zu finden ist, wie z.B.die totale Ausbeutung der Natur, die schrecklichen Umweltkatastrophen, die Flüchtlingsfluten, die horrende Umweltverschmutzung, die grauenvollen Zerstörungen und bestialischen Kriege, der ausartende Terror, der Fremden-, Rassen- und Religionshass, der nagende Hunger und quälende Durst, das krass abnehmende Mitgefühl unter den Menschen, die Lieblosigkeit, die skrupellose Reichtumsgier, das emotionale und psychopathisch-paranoide Verhalten, die bewusstseinsmässige Unbedarftheit und Beschränktheit, die extreme Brutalität, der irre religiös-sektiererische Fanatismus, die abscheulichen physischen und psychischen Gewalttaten, die Gleichgültigkeit sowie Gewissen- und Verantwortungslosigkeit, usw. usf., dann ist leicht festzustellen, dass der Erdenmensch bewusstseinsmässig krass unterentwickelt ist, und was liegt da näher, als ihn, also diesen unterentwickelten Menschen, mit ein paar künstlichen ‹Bauteilen› zu ‹ergänzen› und ihn dadurch zu einem vermeintlichen ‹Übermenschen›, einem Cyborg zu machen. (Begriff aus dem Englischen; setzt sich aus den Begriffen ‹Cybernetic› und ‹Organism› zusammen; in Deutsch Kybernetik [die Wissenschaft der Steuerung] und Organismus. Liebhaber der Science-fiction-Serie ‹Star Trek› erinnern sich sicher an die ausserirdische Macht, genannt ‹Borg›.)

Niemand – weder die Religiösen noch die Wissenschaftler – scheint sich die Frage zu stellen: «Was ist eigentlich ein richtiger, wahrheitlicher und gerechter Mensch? Wie verhält sich so ein Mensch?» (Siehe auch ‹Kelch der Wahrheit› von Billy, Abschnitt 28, Sätze 93 bis 95 [Gratis-Download unter].)

A quite simple, global answer to this question could sound like this: “A true human being is one who lives according to the creational laws and recommendations and uses his/her consciousness in a creational wise for the personal evolution and that of his/her fellow human beings.”

A true human being is, however, also a fair human being, wherefore Billy’s answer to the reader’s question “When can a human being be called a ‘fair one’?” shall be inserted here:

Traditionally the answer comprises 33 points, which can be extended as desired, depending on intellect and rationality.

  1. A human being can be called a ‘fair one’, if he/she fulfils all of his/her duties worthy of a human being;
  2. if he/she logically follows/realises/ fulfils/practices the peace and also lives it;
  3. if he/she generously grants the human beings freedom in every regard;
  4. if he/she rejects all that is evil, all that is wrong, all that is unfair and bad, all that is dishonest;
  5. if he/she consciously avoids all damage against fellow human beings, the systems of nature and the fauna and flora;
  6. if he/she loves and logically follows/realises/fulfils/practices all things that are good and positive;
  7. if he/she lives and grows in true love, and always develops further in this regard;
  8. if he/she leads his/her life in ample righteousness;
  9. if he/she is free of personal ungood, negative and damaging intentions and interests;
  10. if his/her conscience is pure all around;
  11. if he/she logically follows/realises/ fulfils/practices the love for the next one/the fellow human being and the love for nature and its fauna and flora;
  12. if he/she logically follows/realises/ fulfils/practices a clear and clean conscience;
  13. if he/she has not fallen for an addictive attachment to the material wealth;
  14. if he/she logically follows/realises/ fulfils/practices the correct state and cleanliness in all things;
  15. if he/she lives in a good wise according to the creational laws and recommendations;
  16. if he/she uses his/her consciousness in a creational wise for his/her personal evolution;
  17. if he/she is honourable and dignified in his/her reflecting, striving and acting and; lives these values in this wise;
  18. if he/she avoids all destruction of the nature and its fauna and flora;
  19. if he/she helps the fellow human beings, the nature and its fauna and flora in every possible regard;
  20. if he/she consciously logically follows/ realises/fulfils/practices the virtues and lives them out in every thinkable situation;
  21. if he/she uses the gifts and opportunities of his/her consciousness for the personal evolution and that of the fellow human beings;
  22. if he/she gives his/her speech a clear, teaching and understandable mode of expression;
  23. if he/she confers honour and dignity to the unspeakable beauty of the entire universal Creation;
  24. if he/she appreciates the entire values and grace of all creational treasures and their sublimity;
  25. if he/she, in venerable wise, consciously expresses and logically follows/realises/fulfils/practices his/her gratitude for his/her life;
  26. if he/she contemplatively and honourably appreciates everything creational as the main powers of all existence;
  27. if he/she acknowledges the Creation-universes as such and brings forth all honour and dignity for them;
  28. if he/she is always helpful in regard to the well-being of the human beings and all life-forms;
  29. if he/she regardless of the possession of many material goods does not raise himself/herself above the fellow human beings;
  30. if he/she, full of intellect, rationality and logic, appraises valid human rights and laws and acts accordingly;
  31. if he/she, regardless of the might granted to him/her, remains responsible, modest, decent and upright;
  32. if he/she illuminates his/her consciousness with the light of the ‘Teaching of the Truth, the Spirit and the Life’;
  33. if he/she does not think and live according to a belief, rather according to the creational reality and its truth.

These 33 points, however, contain thousands upon thousands of modes of behaviour, which raise the human being to a true human being only by fulfilling them. How is it now; does an ‘efficient algorithm’ – thus an ‘autopilot’ for constantly repeating or similar processes – make the corresponding human being a true human being? Does therewith his/her ability for harmony, for peace, for the love of the next one and the fellow human being, for the fauna and flora increase? Does he/she therethrough grant the fellow human beings the freedom and does he/she avoid all unrighteous things and all damaging intentions and interests? Does he/she therewith become more righteous, helpful, responsible towards all that which is creational? By no means. The manipulators and providers of funds behind the scientists, who are often bribable, have rarely worried about humaneness. Each new invention first and foremost is used for destruction, and so in this case it won’t be any different. The further the neurological discoveries progress, the more dangerous it becomes for the normal citizens of a country. The cravings for might and the miserable consciousness-based attitude of the ruling elite will let them determine dictatorially about the prosperity and adversity of its people, which will lead to unspeakable suffering. Centuries, if not millennia, will pass until the majority of human beings change their thinking and a better time will come. – But still, such a small micro-module, which would help to increase the ability to concentrate and to some other consciousness-processes, would be quite nice and helpful...

Eine ganz einfache, globale Antwort auf diese Frage könnte etwa so lauten: «Ein wahrer Mensch ist einer, der nach den schöpferischen Gesetzen und Geboten lebt und sein Bewusstsein in schöpferischer Weise zur persönlichen und auch zur Evolution der Mitmenschen nutzt.»

Ein wahrer Mensch ist jedoch auch ein gerechter Mensch, weshalb Billys Antwort auf die Leserfrage «Wann kann ein Mensch als ‹Gerechter› bezeichnet werden?» hier eingefügt werden soll:

Die Antwort umfasst altherkömmlich 33 Punkte, die jedoch nach Verstand und Vernunft beliebig weitergeführt werden können.

  1. Ein Mensch kann als ‹Gerechter› bezeichnet werden, wenn er alle seine als Mensch würdigen Pflichten erfüllt;
  2. wenn er den Frieden pflegt und ihn auch lebt;
  3. wenn er grosszügig den Menschen in jeder Beziehung die Freiheit gewährt;
  4. wenn er alles Böse, alles Falsche, alles Ungerechte und Schlechte, alle Unehrlichkeit von sich weist;
  5. wenn er allen Schaden gegen Mitmenschen, die Systeme der Natur und die Fauna und Flora bewusst vermeidet;
  6. wenn er alles Gute und Positive liebt und pflegt;
  7. wenn er in wahrer Liebe lebt, wächst und sich diesbezüglich immer weiterentwickelt;
  8. wenn er in umfänglicher Rechtschaffenheit sein Leben führt;
  9. wenn er frei ist von persönlichen unguten, negativen und schadenbringenden Absichten und Interessen;
  10. wenn er rundum reinen Gewissens ist;
  11. wenn er die Nächstenliebe/ Mitmenschenliebe und die Liebe zur Natur und deren Fauna und Flora pflegt;
  12. wenn er ein klares und sauberes Gewissen pflegt;
  13. wenn er nicht einer süchtigen Anhänglichkeit an den materiellen Wohlstand verfallen ist;
  14. wenn er Ordnung und Reinlichkeit in allen Dingen pflegt;
  15. wenn er in guter Weise nach den schöpferischen Gesetzen und Geboten lebt;
  16. wenn er sein Bewusstsein in schöpferischer Weise zur persönlichen Evolution nutzt;
  17. wenn er in seinem Sinnen, Trachten und Handeln ehrenvoll und würdevoll ist und diese Werte in dieser Weise lebt;
  18. wenn er alle Zerstörung der Natur und deren Fauna und Flora meidet;
  19. wenn er in jeder ihm möglichen Beziehung den Mitmenschen, der Natur und deren Fauna und Flora hilfreich ist;
  20. wenn er bewusst die Tugenden pflegt und sie in jeder erdenklichen Situation auch auslebt;
  21. wenn er die Gaben und Möglichkeiten seines Bewussstseins zur persönlichen und der Mitmenschen Evolution nutzt;
  22. wenn er seiner Sprache eine klare, lehrende und verständliche Ausdrucksweise verleiht;
  23. wenn er der unsagbaren Schönheit der gesamten universellen Schöpfung Ehre und Würde verleiht;
  24. wenn er die ganzen Werte und Anmut aller schöpferischen Schätze und deren Erhabenheit würdigt;
  25. wenn er für sein Leben in ehrwürdiger Weise bewusst seinen Dank zum Ausdruck bringt und ihn pflegt;
  26. wenn er alles Schöpferische als hauptsächliche Kräfte aller Existenz besinnlich und ehrenvoll würdigt;
  27. wenn er die Schöpfung-Universen als solche anerkennt und alle Ehre und Würde für sie aufbringt;
  28. wenn er in bezug auf das Wohlergehen der Menschen und aller Lebensformen immer hilfreich ist;
  29. wenn er trotz dem Besitz vieler materieller Güter sich nicht über die Mitmenschen erhebt;
  30. wenn er voll Verstand, Vernunft und Logik geltende Menschenrechte und Gesetze beurteilt und danach handelt;
  31. wenn er trotz ihm gewährter Macht verantwortungsbewusst, bescheiden, anständig und integer bleibt;
  32. wenn er sein Bewusstsein mit dem Licht und der ‹Lehre der Wahrheit, des Geistes und des Lebens› erleuchtet;
  33. wenn er nicht einem Glauben, sondern gemäss der schöpferischen Wirklichkeit und deren Wahrheit denkt und lebt.

Diese 33 Punkte enthalten jedoch Abertausende von Verhaltensweisen, die, bei deren Erfüllung, einen Menschen erst zum wahren Menschen erheben. Wie ist es nun, macht ein ‹Effizienz-Algorithmus›, also ein ‹Autopilot› für sich ständig wiederholende gleiche oder ähnliche Prozesse, den entsprechenden Menschen zum wahren Menschen? Steigt damit seine Fähigkeit zur Harmonie, zum Frieden, zur Liebe zum Nächsten und Mitmenschen, zur Fauna und Flora? Gewährt er dadurch den Mitmenschen die Freiheit und vermeidet er alles Unredliche und alle schadenbringenden Absichten und Interessen? Wird er damit rechtschaffener, hilfreicher, verantwortungsbewusster gegenüber allem Schöpferischen? Mitnichten. Die Drahtzieher und Geldgeber hinter den oft käuflichen Wissenschaftlern hat die Menschlichkeit noch selten gekümmert. Jede neue Erfindung wird in erster Linie zur Zerstörung eingesetzt, und so wird es auch diesmal nicht anders sein. Je weiter die neurologischen Erkenntnisse fortschreiten, desto gefährlicher wird es für die normalen Bürger eines Landes. Die Machtgelüste und die miserable bewusstseinsmässige Einstellung der herrschenden Eliten wird sie diktatorisch über das Wohl und Wehe ihres Volk bestimmen lassen, was zu unsäglichem Leid führen wird. Es werden Jahrhunderte, wenn nicht Jahrtausende in die Vergangenheit entschwinden, bis die Mehrheit der Menschen umdenkt und eine bessere Zeit kommen wird. – Aber trotzdem, so ein kleines Mikromodul, das die Konzentrationsfähigkeit und sonst noch einige Bewusstseinsprozesse steigern helfen würde, wäre schon ganz nett und hilfreich…

Conclusion: Everyone, who still calls a remnant of intellect and rationality his/her own, should ward off the appropriation and dispossession of his/her body and his/her brain. Much less should a human being make himself/herself available as ‘factors of automation and control’ – for fun and because, after all, it is so cool – and let his/her thoughts and feelings and his/her memory be manipulated by malevolent ones. – Resist the beginnings! Fazit: Jeder, der noch einen Rest von Verstand und Vernunft sein Eigen , sollte sich gegen die Besitznahme und Enteignung seines Körpers und seines Gehirns wehren. Schon gar nicht sollte ein Mensch sich freiwillig, aus Spass und weil es doch so cool ist als ‹Automatisierungs- und Steuerungsfaktor› zur Verfügung stellen und seine Gedanken und Gefühle und das Gedächtnis durch Übelwollende manipulieren lassen. – Wehret den Anfängen!


  • An Algorithm in the Body – Resist the Beginnings! Written by Mariann Uehlinger Switzerland. Translation by Vibka Wallder, Australia. Corrections by Bruce Lulla, USA.


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