Contact Report 021

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[Tuesday, May 27, 1975, 2:06 a.m.]

Contact person: Semjase

The following topical listings do not represent the entire contents of this Contact Report.

Meier busy typing the message given to him by Arahat Athersata

Meier - "some people who come to me and whom I cure or advise"

"The spreading of truth always has been connected with problems"

Meier's financial concerns

Proposition to bring Meier crystals to sell

Different radiations are partly absorbed by all material things

Crystals - also absorb & store different radiations, which are different for each planet; Pleiadians/Plejaren technically able to withdraw such radiations (except in living things), as done with the minerals & crystals brought to Meier; use an apparatus called a neutralizer which uses a regenerative mode of radiation absorption

Message From The Pleiades additional contents --

Note: 2 trees eliminated by Semjase due to having picked up radiations from her ship [see Contact Report 016; eliminated tree - "we changed its time";

Meier working as a security guard at the time of first contacts with the Pleiadians/Plejaren; lost his job due to using so much of his time.