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Overpopulation is an uncomfortable subject. It occurs when a species population exceeds the normal carrying capacity of the ecological niche. Planets with a 13 thousands kilometre diameter have around a 500 million individual human being carrying capacity. [continue reading]

Assuming they don’t wish to run into the kinds of unsolveable problems we have now run into on Earth, wish to retain all existing species that evolved there before them and for posterity, wish to aim toward successfully managing their existence, approach the space exploration stage and hypertechnology stage tastefully and avoid disasters such as a planetary atmospheric oxygen collapse. Overpopulation within human societies can arise from a diversity of causes; increase in births (fertility rate), decline in the mortality rate, increase in immigration, an unsustainable biome, depletion of resources, changes in behaviour, belief systems, evolutionary changes, among several other reasons. Having too many folks in the same habitat means those folks are then limiting the availability of resources available for other folks to survive.

Thriving, prospering and growing; flourishing, slows, even ceases without anyone knowing about why nor what it was like before, increasing competitiveness and gradually rolling toward being geared toward competency; in societies where overpopulation becomes a subject that too few dare address and where there is for whatever reason an absence of public dialogue, public disclosure of necessary facts, sufficient scientific professionals and normal acknowledgements about the progression of time, where commentary is silenced for whatever reason. There are too many reasons why so few dare speak about it and why it has never been addressed publicly resulting in actual actions being taken, in most countries; one of those further reasons is the inevitable conversation of having to exist with less and the uncomfortable manoeuvres folk will have to make in silence to palliate the effects of more for less. The normal concept and subject of evolution appears to be horrifyingly new to our civilisation. Religions appear to have developed a strong influence in the forming and shaping of opinions and the narrative of Earth, its history and facts, which many receive because it’s delivered to the young developing brains of children around the world for whatever controversial reasons. Another component is that we have a particularly short history upon review, which is related to the life expectancy of human beings of our civilisation. It means we have a very short brain development schedule and awareness, learning and developing time. Religion and societies cultural values has encouraged unrestrained breeding for as long as can be remembered and early on therefore, in that development of the brain, becoming instilled. Without the quantity of time necessary for critical intelligent analysis, education, basic acknowledgement of evolution and the progression of time, rapid medical and technological advances, awareness of birth control methods such as the condom, the human population has just boomed.

It’s moved along incredibly even monstrously rapidly due to that short life expectancy, over 1 single century, the warnings began back in the 1950’s. We’re currently in the stages of palliation, of need, greed, disadvantage and inside now, that sensitive time of managing as best we can the unpleasant consequences, a long time ahead now of unpleasant consequences, including the destruction of most of the achievements we’ve worked painstakingly toward, throughout history, up to now.

Overpopulation is probably caused by bad advisors, already being particularly poor in terms of knowledge having only just stepped out of the middle ages and associating a low value of life to ourselves because our life expectancy is low, therefore feeling like we have nothing to loose either way, and subsequently not caring about overpopulation and whatever it is and wherever it leads to.

Billy in 2017 placed a probability on a genetically engineered disease being created by the worlds financially powerful elites, after he had a vision, because they may at some stage realise that overpopulation will cause them inevitably to loose that power.[citation needed]

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An Extensive and Threatening Topic Nobody Dares to Address

Growth charts and data arrangements

The academics said the findings were a "huge surprise", unsurprisingly.

Various presentations of different kinds of information

List of Contact Reports related to Overpopulation

Sample: "that on that or on a planet of the Centaurus groups, a people lives in overpopulation, which comprises about 120 billion, so these,..."
Sample: "planet disposes the normal population-size and does not become subject to overpopulation...."
Sample: "From this, it follows that with the number of the overpopulation - containing not determined as well as irresponsibly produced descendants - ...other 2 points, i.e. 2 years. But for every decrease of 500 million in the overpopulation, seen from today's 4.3 billion figure,..."
Sample: "at their present habitat is becoming dangerous for them and that simply an overpopulation of their kind is taking place, then there arises in them the ..."
Sample: "birth control be enforced, because only through this can too excessive an overpopulation be avoided and even further privation, criminality, hate against fellow..."
Sample: "sorts of disaster. And since there are more and more people as a result of overpopulation, more and more people are also hit by lightning, which usually has deadly c..."
Sample: "had to emigrate as a consequence of overpopulation."
Sample: "The inevitable happened as a result of the fault of the overpopulation of Earth humans, because, through their spreading out, they destroyed t..."
Sample: "Torture, Death Penalty and Overpopulation"
Sample: "and they would play a dominant role in enforcing measures to combat overpopulation."
Sample: "increasingly generate more epidemics and diseases to combat the escalating overpopulation? Isn't it true that the excessive proliferation by human beings makes..."
Sample: "his excessive procreation of offspring. Such behaviour has led to overpopulation, every type of ensuing ill and religious-sectarian insanity..."
Sample: "Further to name is the worldwide unemployment, the ceaselessly growing overpopulation and the apathy of the humans to one another, the ever faster disappearing o..."
Sample: "and negative consequences of overpopulation thus the vitality of a rigorous birth control. ...retaliation, jealousy, war, and destruction would gradually disappear, and overpopulation and environmental degradation, along with many other ills,..."
Sample: "useless anyway because they would not remedy the basic problem, namely overpopulation ... ...misery, and so forth, is clearly identifiable with the incessantly growing overpopulation."
Sample: "reduction can, singly and alone, only come about through the prevention of overpopulation, because actually only in that way does all the nonsensical production of C ...olutions, which are effective worldwide, for the radical decimation of the overpopulation, would be made and carried out and certainly by means of a worldwide, regul..."
Sample: "catastrophes, is only their very own fault, which is founded in the rampant overpopulation. Admittedly, worldwide, there is talk about climate change; also at the cli ...oncerning descendents can play any role in this at all. As a result of the overpopulation, created by the Earth human beings, and the climatic catastrophe which is t..."
Sample: "which as a result only could have occurred if the rapidly increasing overpopulation would have been stemmed and prevented. Only in this way would it still have ... etc., the blame for the total climate disaster, but not the mass of human overpopulation and its degenerations and criminal machinations against the planet ..."
Sample: "refugees, economic refugees and criminals. Of course, that the overpopulation plays an essential role with the entirety of the immigrants..."
Sample: "They also talk further about overpopulation and its manifold deadly effects infringement into every concern. ...egard to the malicious consequences that will originate from the worldwide overpopulation, which idiotically and irresponsibly is continuing to breed and always ...."
Sample: "the link between overpopulation and climate change, the specifics of the Earth humans exclusivity to holder ...rth, namely in reference to their irresponsible perspective of breeding to overpopulation with all its arising machinations regarding the global destruction of natur..."
Sample: "powers who are criminals against humanity, (in which) criminality and overpopulation know no more bounds, (in which) nature and the climate are destroyed throug ..., for robbery, rape, the destruction of families, terrorism, prostitution, overpopulation, the destruction of the environment, destruction of the climate.."
Sample: "preoccupies itself with the following vital issues: the fight against overpopulation;"
Sample: Elisabeth Moosbrugger -- Overpopulation
Sample: "are outlined in the FIGU pamphlet A Crusade Against Overpopulation. this also with FIGU's Overpopulation brochure #4, pages 13-21 -- at this time it is..."
Sample: "breeding of human overpopulation. A false type of humanitarianism results, whereby..."
Sample: warnings had fallen regarding Earth's overpopulation and overindustrialization."
Sample: "In your Overpopulation brochure #3, page 9, you state a family of 5 requires since the terrestrial population, in a mad breeding spree, created this overpopulation..."
Sample: "And the origin of everything is overpopulation, which, however, neither humanity nor the responsible scientists, authorities..."

Further associated reading

Sample: "Fundamentally, god is an invention of the human being, respectively, of the human brain, whereby, in the human being, over millions of years, the imaginary divinity has been inherited in a form of schizophrenic, epileptic delusion and has established itself in the temporal lobes as well as in the parietal lobes. Religious experiences which arise thereby constitute forms of schizophrenic delusion and are the result of a genetically inherited religious belief."
Sample: Arahat Athersata and the Plejaren repeatedly advise us in particular about our out-of-control overpopulation problem and, as of 1975, recommended a strict, humane plan of world-wide birth control (which we arrogantly and self-destructively ignored, and continue to ignore. Countries like Australia even promote the growth of our population for economic reasons even as our water and other resources are increasingly reduced and contaminated!)."
Sample: "and in the end an oxygen and atmospheric collapse occurred. Only 116 million were able to be rescued and resettled on other worlds by the Plejaren."
Sample: "Is there a new calculation for reincarnating lives in the present time ? I assume that spirits are coming back into new lives sooner than the standard lifetime plus one half, because of overpopulation. ANSWER: Yes, they are coming back sooner."
Sample: "The resulting effect of overpopulation on reincarnation. It causes a new consciousness and new personality to incarnate with the reincarnation of the spirit-form only a very short time after death and time in the beyond unfortunately."
Sample: "We wish that a normal state of population and births be strived for on Earth and, in this regard, effective worldwide birth control be enforced, because only through this can too excessive an overpopulation be avoided and even further privation, criminality, hate against fellow men, wars, exploitation of Earth’s resources to the utmost, as well as new diseases, epidemics and misery be avoided and contained."
Sample: "His stance on the overpopulation issue – a taboo subject, has brought him no fame or favour."
Sample: "unreasonable, unlawful and despicable manner, which resulted in an overpopulation of planet Kudra, whose inhabitants could no longer feed and sustain ..."
Sample: "on July 17, 1975 during my great journey, in fact already is to have threatened an approximately Earth sized planet named Akart through overpopulation stupidity, because in 1975 already 23 billion human beings lived there. To my knowledge the inhabitants of Akart belong to your federation, as well as others from other regions there. Also Kohun and Athar."

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • Treating the secondary malady: treating the secondary ailment is a bad habit that apparently humanity on the whole has gotten lost in unfortunately and in a great many subjects not only overpopulation. It's technically caused by cowardice and a lack of bravery, but it's mostly tied into political correctness. With overpopulation it politically means things like reducing annual industrial output of carbon dioxide by imposing tariffs on businesses to be seen to be combating the causes of climate change. Another non-related example of treating the secondary malady rather than the primary cause itself is demonstrated when governments, typically European, arrest and search the homes of populist speakers who publicly speak of the incompatibility of Islam with the values of non-islamic countries. Making an example of them by criminalising them on unrelated charges, by any means, to remove them from the public spotlight, instead of using the same policing powers to remove in the same vein the Islamic hate preachers themselves from non-islamic nations; treating the secondary ailment rather than the primary. These types of situations tend to occur when there is a composite of sensitivity surrounding the various connected and associated issues, usually because they have been strongly highlighted. We don't have a good record historically of being capable of good solutions. With overpopulation there is a fear that the solution we're capable of will be dictatorial, distasteful, result in some form of mass-murder or some other belief of what could happen as a solution, it doesn't have to be extreme at all. Billy Meier and Plejaren advice is some form of a management of the quantity of births annually, and must be internationally / globally. This could basically for example mean an international programme of condom and family planning education, normally in schools, and a separate programme for adults etc., this alone would be a good start. Education about the registered religion rhetoric that God says "go forth and multiply" etc., would probably be necessary as part of the education, a distinct contradiction, another political controversy. However for it to be effective, meaningful, proportional and fair, some form of penalty would be required for those who refuse all the reasoning, and there is plenty of reasoning available, such as the penalty of sterilisation. Billy Meier and Plejaren advise then, that after the worldwide birth halt, after a few years, then breeding could be permitted in a limited form, this could at the same moment allow for a quality assessment a loving marriage, suitable home, of parenting ability generally, ability to support a child through childhood, age of parents etc. This of course is controversial because our current system has never been managed in this way, we currently in a number of nations have a system where generally everyone regardless of anything is welcome to do most of anything they want, unlimited freedom, lawless, culture less, religious and valueless, abyss. And it's currently even considered archaic in a number of nations to have any decency at all whatsoever, in some nations decency is sanctioned publicly, very confused political and legal arrangement. It's never been a secret that politicians are borderline delusional though. So this is where then treating the secondary malady comes from, the cowardice and lack of bravery to confront the actual issues, because many of our politicians don't have any decency themselves, believe in nothing, or hold delusional beliefs. They are just interested in keeping their jobs so will say whatever gives them support, many are incapable of receiving criticism for example. With this mentality we are looking at complete loss of all good generative values, good cultures, pleasant cities, flight, prevalent crime, and all sorts of unpleasant things etc., and we are looking at a probable situation of certain individuals then migrating to certain parts of the world where humans have never lived before, or where existing peaceful valueful decent persons already live and then in turn pushing them out etc., because they find it now distasteful where they have historically lived etc. But this is just normal history actually, all the empires and great nations fail through history because their attitudes slowly turn toward distaste and gradually folks stop saying what is reasonable and necessary. If a nations wishes to be successful they have to make decent, honourable, good folks comfortable and push out everything contrary to that not welcome it and pull it in. This means that nations do not financially and economically grow at very great speed and therefore very slowly, which is the price of stability, of happiness and decent values, and most of all of normal population growth. Even with a normal system in a nation i.e. not supercharged for growth, eventually they become overpopulated, such as northern Europe and Russian Federation, old nations which have not supercharged growth, but it instead happens over a longer amount of time rather than just 20 years like it's happened with us now recently. Giving longer to consider how to tackle it and better strategy management etc. We have a bad situation on Earth in many ways. Billy Meier has written lots about it, he also talks of false-humanism, an associated issue.
  • An individual shouldn't stress themselves out about it because stress and frustration itself causes various health problems. If you would like to illustrate your concern and support for clearer, open-discussion; maintain an heir of rationality and clarity on it, stay calm, read any free-media articles put out about it, educate yourself about the problem, discus the crisis neutrally and dispassionately, this state of being means an individual can then cover more broadly the subject, think and speak reasonably and intelligently, with greater clarity on the problem, confidently. [continue reading]
  • For whatever reason it may be, the concept of limiting the quantity of births by nation and worldwide is not on the table as a viable method of dealing with the problem. It has not been tried yet either, the presumption of those that have given it some thought is that it would lead to some form of conflict, because of the economic concerns and individual national needs etc. But then again many are still religious so are not capable of assessing and taking on a reasonable risk.
  • Allow folks to age with dignity. The workforce has to be young. We've never been old before i.e. in all of history!, but then again, for what it's worth, haven't ever been overpopulated since ancient times either. The 1950 world average life expectancy was 48 years old. This is the first time in 13,000 years where we've had any quantity of old people to call a group and that have been old. We can hardly call them grandly old either, certainly outwardly old but not necessarily grandly wise, in the vast majority of cases, being truthful, not at all wise for their age regrettably, a few of these elderly individuals can even be designated disrespectful if they own some form of religious belief system with which they expect to pass on to the next generation as if the next generation would possibly have any interest in being indoctrinated, see Ageing. Regarding respect for the old and respect for the young. The workforce has to be young. At about 50 years old the body and motivation begins to pack in. At 70 years old people become somewhat dependent on the rest of society to do all the hard work they've developed their brains to come to expect. At 90 more than likely dependent in some way or another. The birthrate has to be managed to maintain consistency. As the workforce has to be young, between 14 and 44 for those necessary, allot of damn hard work and sweat tasks, at competitive salaries, which are taken for granted; if there is more elderly than young a problem, more young than elderly a problem. Countries tend to manage these differentials with 'immigration sandwich fillers', first come first served, in the door. Some nations such as Switzerland for example have a different problem where a high percentage of young persons have to live at home with their parents well into their 40's because those high skilled big income industry immigration regulators have pushed the prices of property to excessively beyond what those young persons could possibly afford in several lifetimes of work, thus the nation has become dependent on foreigners, imports and high wealth small team industries, thus other nations are encouraged to do as much breeding and overpopulate themselves in service to those types of nations.
  • What has been put on the table [by our elected leadership teams so far] as a viable method of dealing with overpopulation is a genetically modified disease, to clear out a third of humanity in one hit, because no one then need try and communicate around the problem. This should not be a surprise because murder has been the go-to method of problem solving throughout history. Much of that history containing little to no objection to it, some areas of the world even today tolerate open murder, providing it's carried out by officials and government representatives, without any challenge put to them at all in some cases. In some places justice is even semi-automated, having never been challenged only ever encouraged, especially in the areas which have historical persecution disorders and vendetta pleasure cravings. With such a quantity of mankind seeking death and murder as a means of problem solving it is really no wonder then why we even have an out of control overpopulation problem in the first place.
  • The humane method of dealing with overpopulation is to enforce a worldwide yearly birth limit with sterilization (if needs be). It would also help ensure children are raised in suitable loving family environments, where real prospects have been evaluated, that they could even afford to raise a child, and this would then in turn reduce the government financial benefits burden and for all the different services associated with the problem family situations some individuals cause the community and local tax payer.
  • It's never been a problem before in history, so the leadership culture is lost for words as to what to do about it, doesn't want to take the risk of suggesting the wrong solution and loose their influential positions. For the same reason medieval religious beliefs can be found in persons living in ultra-modern futuristic homes today, it has something to do with the rate of progress, speed of life expectancy, letting go of certain things proportionally, and holding onto other things longer etc.
  • Much of the world as some rightly point out is entirely without civilization, runs wild, no structure, entirely lawless. It would have to be enforced worldwide, so some nations would embrace the population limit and management, and others would have to be enforced, in some cases with non-lethal violence, and a means of sterilization which lessens problems such as microwave radiation. This is why a worldwide peacekeeping army has been suggested as legitimate, contributed to equally by all nations, and some form of worldwide government is going to be necessary. With the growing demand for wood, it really must come to hammerdown enforcement now because at approaching 9 thousand million, in a few short generations if everyone bred 3 children per couple with no action, no new education about it, the planet would have an oxygen collapse, so it quickly becomes dangerous for everyone.
  • A planetary oxygen collapse is what is meant by 'nature intervening', it is not some mystical or God-delusion thing, it is just a normal naturally occurring mechanism, it is just the demand for oxygen producing trees becomes non-replenishable by the bovine and fossil fuel gases and it eventually hits a replenishment tipping point because of the air breather ratio's. It's been pointed out that tree's just work harder if they have more carbon dioxide, true, but there is a limit to how much oxygen they can produce and if cut down, and the other ocean based oxygen producers are having their own problems now. It is also escalating very rapidly, it's all very well saying there is no problem now, there soon will be one, which to be fair we will either solve or not I suppose; if we become aware of it now there won't be a problem at all. I guess that's just evolution.
  • Regarding open discussion worldwide with every possible aspect of overpopulation but refusing to directly address overpopulation itself, this has several reasons. The media/newspapers nor politicians etc., rarely cover it (and don't know what to do about it anyway), which tends to help dialogue along. One of the reasons is that it's an issue which concerns human beings, meaning individual liberties, a dangerous area of debate, and we're reluctant to approach it because of a compound of historical dictators and religious beliefs which makes conversation precarious. Another reason may well be associated with the fact that the economy needs a continuous flow of workers willing to do the jobs no one wants to do and we don't want to be told we can't breed freely or that we have to use a condom unconditionally and we on the whole don't want to live with many foreigners, so there may even be encouragement to breed freely. A further reasoning may rest in the fact that we've never had any quantity of world men and women before, this is one of the first opportunities in history we've globalised, so very few men and women are big enough in their condition to take on the responsibility of even considering that overpopulation may be a legitimate problem and area of management.


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