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The Supernatural (Medieval Latin: supernātūrālis: supra "above" + naturalis "nature", first used: 1520–30 AD) is that which cant be explained by current models and understanding of the laws of physics, or more figuratively, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature, appears incomprehensible, even though its both inherently and intrinsically part of nature and therefore Creation (the universe).

The term Supernatural was used in the earlier contact reports as a way of building a greater understanding based on terms of popular acceptance. Though later, in order to relay a deeper meaning and understanding, more specific wordings, terms and phrases had to be used, to express each individual subject in the most accurate possible way.

The Fluidal Force, Fluidal Power, Fluidal Energy, Feinstoffsinnlich[1] and commonly called supernatural, paranormal (even though its all associated with the natural, normal, and nature) and is often popularly associated with occultism with neoplatonic and medieval scholastic origins.

Prof. Brian Cox Explains Why Ghosts Aren't Real, ITV, Quiche Lorraine (YouTube external link)

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The simplified understanding is there are two categories of Material (In the Creation).

Coarse-material - Material Realm - (Standard Model of Particle Physics)
Fine Fluidal - Material Realm - (Tiny mostly undiscovered Particles)

High Fine Fluidal - Spirit-Energetic Realm - (Ultra-Tiny undiscovered Particles)

Whereby: as an example, thoughts and feelings, just as gases and dark material, belong to the Fine Fluidal - Material Realm. Psychology, Parapsychology

Rocks, Insects, Animal meat, Human Organs, Skin, Bones etc etc, belong to the Coarse-material - Material Realm. Traditional Sciences.

The Spirit and the Gemut etc, belong to the High Fine Fluidal - Spirit-Energetic Realm.

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This page deals with available and connected information, its place within the respective fields of non-coarse material science, fine-material science and the finest-material science, otherwise known as 'the science of creation' and 'spiritual sciences'. These interrelationships to the Human ie development of the respective mental (consciousness) capabilities, sixth and seventh senses, how to (go about) understand[ing] these (scientific) principles, why we have not discovered it and where we might look from a scientific stand point and why it will take so long to understand when we do, scientifically measure and subsequently develop a unique SI unit (International System of Units) with its own non-coarse, fine-material, sub-field science.

Q: I read a FIGU commentary which indicated that monsters may be real, reason I ask is I want to hunt one of them?
A: English is not always the writers first language, it’s an international community, they probably meant it metaphorically in the sense that Earth humans have been known on occasion to behave in a most basic primary level of consciousness awareness when it comes to quality reasoned decisions. Monsters are not real, although there are some interesting explanations in the Contact Reports, none amount to the meaning of the word monster in that sense. It may therefore be impossible to hunt such a monster, but it may be legal to hunt them if they do because they’re on no existence or protection listing consequently. There are mixed opinions about hunting in FIGU, some argue hunting shouldn’t be for sports sake, others argue that we won’t starve will we. In any case check to see if what ever your attempting to hunt is legal in the area your planning on hunting it.

Q: Energy spikes, where did they speak about energy spikes?
A: Ptaah spoke about them in Contact Report 433. He said "44. With all the incidents that we have inspected in the Center (SSSC) in relation to these things, we could quite plainly detect high electromagnetic energy which simply just suddenly made its appearance, without us being able to identify a trace of its transportation to the spot or its approach. 45. The energies were simply suddenly there, coming out of nothingness, and they disappeared again in this same manner, without a possible way for us to detect any traces, nor attain coordinates."

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The supernatural, feinstoffsinnlich or fluidal-powers [forces]

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Also see Aura.

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What is the mental Fluidalenergy resp. the mental Fluidalforce?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):


What is the mental Fluidalenergie resp. the mental Fluidalforce?


The mental Fluidalforce, is basically the emitted personal mental radiation/vibes resp. the oscillation and energy as well as the forces of the mental block of the person concerning his thoughts, feelings, of the psyche and the consciousness, so the mental oscillations that radiate from the human eventually holds itself in objects as well as places and in the skeleton etc. This can as be introduced comparatively as the breath of the body (= Prana) which enters invisibly by the nose into the lungs and flows out again through the nose, consequently in this manner the emission of the mental Fluidalforce can be compared.[2]

Forces in the Contact reports

Examples of discussions in the Contact reports, this is by no means a comprehensive archive of instances.

During contact 544 dated 1st September 2012, Billy restrictively stipulates the following conversation with Ptaah regarding the seven major/fundamental powers/forces found in nature. A conversation which encompasses the 'Standard Model' (of particle physics) and something else related to 'immeasurable mystery suspended in immeasurable expanse', creation and creative natural laws.


"When I was in the fourth grade of primary school, and my teacher was Hans Frei – it was in 1948 – your father, Sfath, explained to me that altogether there are seven major powers of nature in the universe: on the one hand, the gravity, then the electromagnetism as well as the strong and weak nuclear power [force], and further the …


Stop. You are not permitted to openly name the other three, as indeed my father already told you. These three other powers of nature are not yet known of by terrestrial physicists, and they are still not allowed to discover them, because premature knowledge would have severe consequences.


All right, excuse me, it remains withheld. It is certainly not in my interest to betray confided secrets, as I really only wanted to talk about the fact that there are not only the four natural powers known to the terrestrial physicists, rather also the remaining three which are still unknown to them, which exist as certain tiny and ultra-tiny particles, as related to the gravity, the electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear power. Also the dark energy and dark matter are included in the realm of particles, whereby certain of these particles, which are indeed also energies with powers, are to be discovered in the foreseeable future, as you have said recently. Although it will still take a while, the success is to be understood – indeed according to your explanation – as a prediction." [3]

In FIGU Bulletin 5 the question "What is the Universal Material Belt?" is answered by Billy. An extract from the explanation:

"Matter itself is in constant transformation within the Material Belt and it is, therefore, subject to growth and disintegration processes. For this reason, matter can never be or become as old as the Complete Universe. At any given time, therefore, only young matter can be found in the Material Universe; matter that can, at best, be a mere 40 or 45 billion years old -- in a solid and compact state -- while the age of the Complete Universe beyond the Material Belt, respectively our Material Universe, amounts to approximately 46 trillion years."[4]

During contact 224 dated 7th July 1988, Billy with Quetzal discusses the formation of Creation. Mentioning that there are 280 elements. The additional undiscovered elements are exclusively found in this sub-field of non-coarse material science.


"...The Creation flakes, or rather the flakes that were created by the Creation and that formed in the empty space of the Universe, were hydrogen formations, in which all the building blocks or 280 elements of life as well as all matter and gases, etc., which were already created by the Creation, were existent. These hydrogen formations or hydrogen flakes combined themselves over the course of time into larger masses and condensed themselves to such an extent that incredibly high temperatures arose within their interior and detonated the mass."[5]

During contact 214 dated 3rd February 1987, Billy with Quetzal discusses the nature of chance, the law of causality and fate.


"30. Unfortunately no, for this isn’t something that is based on a recognition of the future but solely on a stroke of fate, which is erroneously called “chance” by the Earth people, although there is no such thing in that sense, because chance is only given when, for example, something falls to a person, such as portion of a profit or, otherwise, a share of something.

31. Only in this way can the term “chance” have its correctness, but not with respect to when something unexpected arises, which one wasn’t counting on and, therefore, which arises from the joining together of the given and complementary and interlocking relationships, and thus becomes a stroke of fate.


You explained that well. In truth, things, situations, and events, as well as occurrences, etc., simply fit themselves together and join into one another in such a way that a particular effect emerges from this, freely according to the law of causality, that is, the law of cause and effect. This will result in certain effects that, in turn, arise from specific causes, as I just explained. So strokes of fate are nothing other than occurrences, events, incidents, and situations, etc. that result from a certain joining together, in order to act as specific causes. So for example, if it happens that two people meet unexpectedly somewhere in a foreign country, then it cannot and should not be designated as “chance” but rather solely as a stroke of fate, for the causes of this are given that both people traveled to the same country and are staying at the same place, where they will then meet. So the one joins itself to the other and the one to another, from which then emerges the result, respectively the effect, even the stroke of fate."[6]

More from the FIGU Forum

Phi_spiral Answers:

Do these fluidal forces transfer in the case of sexual intercourse?

by saying

Certainly. They are transferred into everything the human being is immediately surrounded by: walls, furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc. The longer the exposure in close proximity the more they will be loaded with such fluidal energy.

And in the case of hand-holding, kissing and sexual intercourse there is the additional dynamic of transfer at a cellular level to be considered.

"All mental fluidal forces are stored as firm and remaining information in all cells of the body. The information of the mental block is stored within seconds in all of the body’s organs and in the entire cell system, whereby an organic and a cellular memory is created."
Excerpts from: Wie kommt die mentale Fluidalkraft in die Zellen und Organe?

So if there is sweat transferred in hand-holding, saliva in kissing and sexual fluids during intercourse, these fluidal forces will accompany.[7]

[note: sweat, saliva, fluids etc, is a separate subject to fluidal forces. The example provided here is designed to illustrate exchanges, which occur in all kinds of situations, though fluidal forces works in a different way, its a different field of science]

Phi_spiral also says:

If you wonder still why Billy refers to them as fluidal forces, as in Fluidalenergien (fluidal energy) and Fluidalkräften (fluidal strength) and not something else, this additional passage occuring a few paragraphs later might help explain:

"And what is still to be said: The pre-mentioned terms are not descended cleanly to earthly concept values, because only some were created by people of the earth who dealt with the parapsychology. Various other concepts and terms are descended from the Geisteslehre (mind apprenticeship or spirit lesson) of the Nokodemion and Henoks and were transformed by Billy Eduard A. Meier with the help of the Plejaren, Ptaah in an understandable way for the earth person. These concepts concern in particular the Psychoteleportation, Psychoteleplastie, Materiellkinese as well as the Psychomateriellkinese, Pyrokinetik, Psychopyrokinetik, psychotele-kinetics, psychoprojection, Psychoautopyrokinetik and psychoautokinetics."[8]

Stephen moore says:

There is mention that two people have to have compatible Brains to send and receive. By that I think Billy means the "frequency" of our brain waves or brain functions. I'm not too sure [Note: see Aura].

I think its worth noting something from the Talmud Jmmanuel.

Chapter 10 - Commissioning of the Disciples

1. He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them the knowledge for controlling the unclean "spirits", so they could drive them out and heal every sickness and shortcomings.


8. "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out evil "spirits." because you received without having to pay, give therefore without compensation.

So its possible Jmmanuel taught his disciples the workings of Fluidal Forces.[9]

Scott Moderator says: [during an unrelated conversation]

Please lets get back to the topic, Fluidal forces has nothing to do with Dark Energy.

[FIGU Forum section dedicated to Mental Fluidal energies, Fluidal forces]

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • The fluidal vibrations of the thoughts are based on a factor which is called "fine-material" and not Supernatural because it doesn't exist because its all natural and normal, misunderstood or not understood.[10]
  • Fine-matter can be perceived with the seventh sense, respectively, with the perception, consequently it therefore lies far above that which can be observed by means of the coarse-material senses.[11]
  • Its only a matter of time into the third millennium before technical developments have progressed to apparatus able to detect and successfully prove fine-material vibrations, fluidal energies and the Feinstoffsinnlich. At which stage the subject will move from Supernatural over to the Human Brain and then later this Fundamental Forces will become recognised as the fundamental factor in Telepathy, Levitation, Clairvoyance, Teleportation, Materialkinesis etc.[12]
  • Most cases of tape recorder voices are to be attributed quite clearly to the radio.[13]
    Often, such a person who directs a question to a tape recorder unconsciously imitates[14] a voice, which is somehow congenial[15] to him, in his thoughts and directly transfers the answer, which he wants to have or hear, to the tape recorder.[16]
    The thoughts of people play an important role and often push[17] themselves out as audible voices, – and indeed, not just on tape recorders but freely audibly.[18][19]
    On some occasions these voices originate from space travellers communications.[20]
    However, there are genuine mediums who are able to enter into connection with other dimensions.[21]
    There are also genuine tape recorder voices that really come from the overall consciousness blocks of different fine-material worlds.[22]
    However, there are just as few of these [recordings] as there are genuine mediums.[23]
    A lot of deception and charlatanism is pursued, which is to be attributed to the renowned obsession of the Earth Human.[24] ~economic opportunities, products
    EVP - The electronic voice phenomena known on Earth is usually based on calling up the memory bank (Akashic Records) and are worthless and meaningless.[25]
    The genuine recordings are kept secret.[26][27]
  • Its exactly the same landscape in clairvoyance and remote viewing, there are genuine individuals but they are incredibly rare.[28]
    The landscape of telepathy (reading of thoughts), levitation and teleportation (block of mentality's mental fluidal powers) is the same landscape, there are rare individuals in isolation which have either developed over vigorous training some level of grasp of it, even if they were not particularly sure about what they were generally doing, and were not up to performing to an audience.[29]

    ~Basically there is no such thing as inequality when it comes to developing your own body, your own brain and the powers it can have which are natural and normal features, we can all do this providing we dedicate ourselves to it and properly, but at this stage of our worlds evolution we do not do things are not able to do thing properly, this will come at a later stage. But these take very long periods of time and are very difficult to master, so it is normal then to assume that only rare and profound individuals could do something profound with their brains given that they would also need to experiment over many years too.[30]
    Especially for controlled actions, I suppose its similar to speaking a bunch of random words in another language which someone else has told you to say, you can say it but its not particularly under control and you don't really know what it means aside what you think it may mean, no control over tonality, expression, delivery to specific individual at the correct time etc.[31]
    We can also compare the situation to individuals who have left university after completing a masters degree in a subject, having gone through first second college and university education stacking up a monetary tuition value which is more than some individuals entire lifetime earnings, does not yet have real experience of how these whole variety of skills are used in real situations, its all theoretical even if the cognitions are complex, and even with a work placement gap year. A specialist form of psychopathy (of which there are thousands of forms of psychopathy), reality-estranged naivety[32] usually exists at this educational stage.
    Having all these various answers (about supernatural etc) simply given and expecting correct usage is not realistic. The Plejaren have however gone really quite far in the diversity of that which has been explained. We have to explore these various features ourselves as a humanity and over a long term.
  • The Plejaren do not disturb faint light body spirits that roam the landscape of their own volition (ghosts and pneuma), because they have gone through a process of evolution together in the past which means it has now been built into the fabric of their society so it can be appreciated enough to be lightly forgotten and have together accepted the various wider realities as well as composition of facts and now simply ignore them.[citations needed]
  • Spirits do exist and some individuals are able to perceive them, but only as a sort of fluid fine structured mesh textured temporary fragmented brief moving thing and only after the individual has studied the various parameters of reality over many years, its especially possible at night due to the still calmness of the body away from the hustle and bustle of the day and the darkened room.[citations needed]
    Some individuals have been able to train themselves to wake and enable consciousness on arrival, which is an indication that they have been studying it for a long time are aware, focused on the situation.[citations needed]
    Other individuals have been able to identify the various ticks, clicks, bumps, tiny sounds and coarse material release friction decompressions and movements in order to be able to reasonably accurately along with their perception identify the presence of spiritus and some then inturn able to identify their movements, as a rule this is only possible over many years of acceptance and focus on the subject.[citations needed]
    Other individuals are able to feel them and identify the specific characteristics associated with walking through them and vice versa, again very sensitive individuals over a long length of study time, long term interest.[citations needed]
    There is evidence of participation in select instances from both sides due to there being a need for humanity to finally accept and tolerate the wider reality, so that the situation can finally calm down from its current elevated state causing it to feature in popular culture etc, intense interest.[citations needed]
    The situation makes some feel uncomfortable and that is why those individuals are recommended to spend all of their time not focusing on it and living their lives and remaining in the reality of material reality in bondage to material, eating very small quantities of food, taking care of your body and health, watering your face with Luke warm water, washing with water and focusing on keeping your body warm and enjoying loud laughing social exchanges etc.[citations needed]
    The recommendation is to spend long lengths of every day working hard and vigorously outdoor and exhausting the body every day. The recommendation works in many situations as a cure, for fear, anxiety, discomfort, lack of social, need for community etc, uncomfortable about spirit reality.[citations needed]

  • Some have argued that these small monetary amounts given to FIGU for their books are not equitable in terms of any possible returns or gain. Sitting on the book shelf and what value could that be. Because there is not enough of an industry or economic demand nor need for these skills or knowledge in society. That BEAM doesnt know enough about business and doesn't lay out enough information about how any of the information could be used, relevant or valuable in the life, and that they have deliberately cut themselves short over and over again because they didnt want to give enough information. As for future lives what would it matter they have claimed having to die in the interim needless to say. A small minority have argued that FIGU and it's books sales is only useful for a small amount of boasting at the very end of the millennia, that they have this or that already written down for posterity again the value of this is difficult to justify. There is also a small number of individuals who have claimed outlandishly that the entire FIGU whatever you want to call it thing, is all a waste of precious time even if it is exclusively the only source of truth if no one knows about it and it's all secretive or doesn't transfer over into society at some level or time then it dosnt matter does it, surely then all you have achieved an alienation from your fellow countrymen while the rest of society follows the path of real truth, the way the future of the humanity genuinely will be, the real and accurate normal way. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the various stuff and mystery and if we are going to go and live on another world in a few hundred years anyway and change the world language then it's all a waste of time. Some individuals have also decided they do not want the Plejaren to disturb them again, ever again, at a future time, any future time and so have decide to give absolutely nothing to the cause and discontinue reading and instead join other authors.

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How to read the teaching


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