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Discussionboard of FIGU: FIGU Study Groups

Finding like-minded folks in your geographical region of the world can take time, here are some suggestions of possible routes.

  • FIGU Study Groups (External) - leave message
  • Future Of Mankind: 'Disqus' networked community platform [bottom↓] - create Disqus account, leave message
  • Emailing an existing / pre-established FIGU group
  • Facebook groups - leave message
  • Google hangouts, Skype etc.

Active Study Groups

Future Of Mankind wiki FIGU group pages, website URL's, explanatory links, official FIGU email address etc.
Not a complete or exhaustive listing (they're all over the world), please add your group to help nearby folks find it.

Informal gatherings / meetups / groups

Add here any sort of gathering, meeting, events etc., preliminary meetups, which are just generally about the interest in the Billy Meier UFO case and/or FIGU information, which has a physical location i.e. not internet, that you would like others to know about.

  • MH wrote on theyflyblog 23rd September, 2015 at 8:08 pm: "We have an unofficial FIGU study group ongoing for over two years in Arizona. In time this may develop into a more formal FIGU group, depending on the commitment of people."

Disbanded Study Groups

Dissolved, defunct, superceded, no longer existing or functioning groups.

FIGU-Landesgruppe USA or FIGU Society USA / - August 2011: FIGU Special Bulletin 64: Dissolution FIGU USA
(FOM Note: Editors are encouraged to add additional links to any URL references to '' on the website and add notes)

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