Contact Report 464

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Semjase-Bericht Band 23 Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 11

  • Contact Reports Volume / Issue: 11 (Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 11)
    [Contact No. 434 to 475 from 9.9.2006 to 26.11.2008] Source

  • Contact Reports Band / Block: 23 (Semjase-Bericht Band 23)
    [Contact No. 453 to 471 from 14.7.2007 to 16.9.2008] Source

  • Page number(s): 334
  • Date/time of contact: TBC
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of original translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Ptaah


Ptaah reminds Billy of what Semjase once told him long ago about Coca-cola related drinks seizing calcium from the bones of human beings.

This is an excerpt from the contact. It is an unauthorized and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 464 Translation

English German
Billy Billy
...But another question: Semjase told me once, that certain drinks that are consumed on the Earth, withdraw calcium from the bones, unfortunately, I no longer remember which drinks they were. ...Aber eine andere Frage: Semjase hat mir einmal gesagt, dass bestimmte Getränke, die auf der Erde gebraucht werden, Calzium aus den Knochen entziehen. Leider weiss ich nicht mehr, welche Getränke das waren.
Ptaah Ptaah
Its about the Coca-Cola and other Cola-drink related products. Es handelt sich dabei um das Coca-Cola und andere Colagetränke.

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