Contact Report 478

This is an unofficial and unauthorised translation of a FIGU publication.

N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • Contact Reports volume: Unknown
  • Page number(s): Unknown
  • Date/time of contact: Sunday, the 14th of June 2009
  • Translator(s): Reece Stiller
  • Corrections: Nicolas Weis
  • Date of original translation: Wednesday, the 22nd of February 2012, 5pm
  • Contact person(s): Ptaah


Billy discusses orbs with Ptaah.

This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 478 Translation

Billy Billy
A question: Is the term orb, respectively orbs, known to you? Eine Frage: Ist dir der Begriff Orb resp. Orbs bekannt?
Ptaah Ptaah
Yes. Why do you ask? Ja. Warum fragst du?
Billy Billy
They are luminous ball-shaped objects that are seen and photographed all over the world, as I’ve been told. Es handelt sich dabei um leuchtende Kugelgebilde, die in aller Welt gesehen und photographiert werden, wie man mir gesagt hat.
Ptaah Ptaah
That is correct. They are another form of the RODS, therefore electromagnetic bio-organisms, that are actually energy structures, have an energy intelligence and that also react upon a human consciousness, respectively upon thoughts and feelings. Das ist richtig. Es handelt sich dabei um eine weitere Form der RODS, also um Bioorganismen elektromagnetischer Form, die eigentliche Energiegebilde sind, eine Energieintelligenz besitzen und die auch auf das menschliche Bewusstsein resp. auf Gedanken und Gefühle reagieren.
We already spoke about this at the 402nd official contact conversation on the 29th of October 2005. Darüber sprachen wir bereits beim 402. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch am 29. Oktober 2005.
Billy Billy
Then the matter is clear. Dann ist die Sache klar.
Thanks for the explanation. Danke für die Erklärung.

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