Contact Report 529

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N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • Contact Reports Band / Block / Volume: 26 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 26, Semjase-Bericht) [Contact No. 518 -. 540 from 26.3.2011 to 19.5.2012] Source link
  • Page number(s): 398 & 399
  • Date/time of contact: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011, 10:17pm
  • Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
  • Date of original translation: 26th July 2014
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Ptaah


This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an authorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 529 Translation

English German
Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Conversations, Volume 12, pages 398 & 399 Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 12 Sieten 398 u. 399
529th contact Fünfhundertneunundzwanzigster Kontact
Thursday, November 3rd, 2011, 10:17pm Donnerstag, 3. November 2011, 22.17 Uhr
(excerpt) (Ausschnitt)
Billy: Billy:
Good, then the following: in a private conversation in the mid-1980’s, Quetzal told me that, from around the middle of the 1990’s or from the beginning of the 21st Century, the great powers of the Earth, most especially the USA, would be working on inventions, that is to say, building, so-called weather- weapons. It is thereby intended that the weather conditions are controlled for purposes of war, and clouds or energy-stoves[1] are to be generated in the atmosphere in such a way that natural or artificially- generated lightning with tremendously high voltage could be employed for the destruction of enemy objects, and so forth. Thereby, as Quetzal explained, gigantic facilities of all kinds, as well as tanks, ships and aircraft could be destroyed, electric power plants could be put out of operation, as well as entire units of troops annihilated. Furthermore, it is intended that, through this research, possibilities will be found to trigger primeaval storms, tsunamis and earthquakes or even volcanic eruptions, with which irreparable damage is inflicted upon the enemy. Now, my question is: is it really being worked on? Gut, dann folgendes: In einem privaten Gespräch hat mir Mitte der 1980er Jahre Quetzal erklärt, dass etwa ab Mitte der 1990er Jahre oder ab Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts die Grossmächte der Erde, allen voran die USA, am Erfinden resp. Erbauen sogenannter Wetter-Waffen arbeiten würden. Dabei soll es darum gehen, dass zu Kriegszwecken die Wetterverhältnisse gesteuert und Gewölke oder Energieherde in der Atmosphäre erzeugt werden sollen in der Weise, dass natürliche oder künstlich erzeugte Blitze mit ungeheurer Hochspannung zur Zerstörung feindlicher Objekte usw. zum Einsatz kommen könnten. Dadurch, so erklärte Quetzal, könnten riesige Anlagen aller Art sowie Panzer, Schiffe und Flugzeuge zerstört, elektrische Kraftwerke ausser Betrieb gesetzt, wie aber auch ganze Truppenverbände vernichtet werden. Ausserdem sollen durch diese Forschungen Möglichkeiten gefunden werden, um urgewaltige Stürme, Tsunamis und Erdbeben oder gar Vulkanausbrüche auszulösen, wodurch dem Feind nichtwiedergutzumachender Schaden zugefügt wird. Meine Frage nun, ob daran nun wirklich gearbeitet wird?
Ptaah: Ptaah:
19. Irresponsibly, that has actually already been the case for some time, whereby, unfortunately, it has also produced success, which in certain forms, also partly already brings about effects. 19. Verantwortungsloserweise ist das tatsächlich schon seit geraumer Zeit der Fall, wobei sich leider auch Erfolge zeitigen, die in gewisser Weise teilweise auch schon Wirkungen bringen.
Billy: Billy:
Then in this respect humanity can indeed still brace itself for something, along with the constantly increasing and ever wilder natural catastrophes. Dann kann die Menschheit sich ja diesbezüglich noch auf etwas gefasst machen, nebst den stetig sich mehrenden und immer wilder werdenden Naturkatastrophen.

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".... futuristic weapons, of which the normal Earth humans have no idea, and of which they do not ever dare to dream." - Ptaah

(Extract from the 441st contact report of Saturday, February 3rd, 2007)


  1. Translator’s note: „Energieherde“ – (literally) „energy-stoves“. Billy coins a simple and descriptive layperson’s expression for that phenomenon which appears to represent exothermic atmospheric excitation by means of scalar (longitudinally polarised electromagnetic interferometry) weapons. Of course this information also confirms the Disclosure Project witnesses’ testimony that reveals that we taxpayers have already bought and fully paid for the existing „black shelf“ technical solutions to, and protection against, the extreme weather, seismic and volcanic events engendered by our beleaguered planet’s overpopulation.


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