Contact Report 577

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Semjase-Bericht Band 28 Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 13

  • Contact Reports Volume / Issue: 13 (Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 13)
    [Contact No. 542 – 596 from 7.7.2012 to 11.9.2014] Source

  • Contact Reports Band / Block: 28 (Semjase-Bericht Band 28)
    [Contact No. 558 - 578] Source

  • Page number(s): TBC
  • Date/time of contact: 2nd January, 2014
  • Translator(s): Bruce Lulla
  • Date of original translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Ptaah


Reader's question Dear ladies and gentlemen, I would like to put the question to you, if Mr. Meier still has contact with the extraterrestrials, why he takes no pictures of the spaceships in this day and age? His recordings come from the 1970s and 1980s. Just one question. A. Winkler, Switzerland

Answer: The photographs made by me in the 1970s and 1980s of Plejaren beamships was allowed and I could make them only with explicit mandate and absolutely only with the permission of the Plejaren. Thus I was assigned by them, to make plenty of photos as evidence regarding the existence of the Plejaren and their beam ships, which for me was not only a difficult task with respect to my photographic unknowledge but also regarding the varied and sometimes difficult-to-reach places for the photographic work.

Now then, during the years when I had to produce the photos in a task of the Plejaren, there were still no privately-owned computers with which the recordings made by me could have been constructed and manipulated, that is to say, faked. In foresight or through a future-look and so forth, of the Plejaren, they knew however, that computer services for residential folks would come up and boom in the course of the 1980's, therefore they were keen still, that photographic-evidence be produced before this technology begin to take hold. As a result it should be avoided, that I could be accused of falsifying the photos through computer manipulations. Unfortunately, the Plejaren, however, did not expect the malicious earthlings in the form of know-it-alls, the envious and adversaries, which nevertheless maliciously accused me of trickery and forgery and still do to this day. And ever since the second half of the 1980's, computers can be privately bought and used by any human being, if this is wanted, thus since then UFO photos can be prepared in any number of ways and presented, and these days these can be made so perfect that a forgery as such, can no longer be recognized or hardly at all.

That I can make no more photos of Plejaren beamships in the present time, that is simply because the Plejaren no longer allow this and consequently also no longer visibly position themselves for recordings. On the one hand they have themselves felt very affected by the maliciousness of the know-it-alls, slanderers and adversaries of all kinds, which accuse me of fraud, forgery and charlatanry, etc., and the other hand leads the Plejaren to the fact that the photographic-evidence I created is more than enough, in order to prove, for reasonable human beings of the earth, the existence of the Plejaren and that of their beamships. More is probably not to be explained in addition to that. Billy

Reader's question It happened some time ago as a truck driver on his tour in Germany, was suddenly blinded by a very powerful beam of light which emanated from some flying object hovering closely over his vehicle. The driver's cabin and the surrounding area were illuminated as in the day. During the event, which lasted for several minutes, no other noise was to be heard other than that from the truck, so therefore it could not have been a helicopter and so forth. Then the glaring light disappeared also in a flash, just as it appeared. This was reported to me by a visitor who came into the center on the evening of the 30th of December, 2013. Jacobus Bertschinger, Switzerland

Answer: What it was that has transpired in this strange incident, I cannot explain. Regarding this, an enquiry with the Plejaren Ptaah revealed the following, which perhaps may be the solution for this incident:

Excerpt from Contact Report 577 Translation

English German
Billy: When we are talking about the four groupings: These groupings of earth strangers have quite obviously allowed themselves to be repeatedly observed by the earthlings, i.e. their various flying machines will be seen time and again. Anyway, I suppose that these flying objects concern these strangers to Earth, right? Billy: Wenn wir schon bei den vier Gruppierungen sind: Diese Gruppierung Erdfremder lässt sich ganz offensichtlich von den Erdlingen immer wieder beobachten, resp. es werden immer wieder deren verschiedenartige Flugmaschinen gesehen. Jedenfalls nehme ich an, dass diese beobachteten Flugkörper zu diesen Erdfremden belangen, oder?
Ptaah: In fact, these earth strangers are active relatively frequently worldwide, which is also why their flight movements can often be observed. However to be mentioned, besides these foreign to Earth flying devices, are also still secret earthly flying devices with strange constructions, which sometimes can also be observed. However, these flying vehicles of which we now speak, concern the strangers to Earth that move worldwide in all air spaces. Ptaah: Diese Erdfremden sind weltweit tatsächlich relativ häufig aktiv, weshalb ihre Flugbewegungen auch oft beobachtet werden können. Nebst diesen erdfremden Fluggeräten sind jedoch auch noch geheime irdische Fluggeräte mit seltsamen Konstruktionen zu nennen, die auch manchmal beobachtet werden können. Diese Fluggeräte jedoch, von denen wir jetzt sprechen, belangen zu den Erdfremden, die sich weltweit in allen Lufträumen bewegen.
Billy: Also in Europe they are observed from time to time, where sometimes they also shine rays of light down to the ground and allow vehicles and humans to glisten in the light. Just this week, just such a case in Germany was reported to me, where during the night a truck driver was suddenly blinded by such a flying object that hovered over his truck while radiating a strong light, in which that light, as the driver explained, was extremely glaring, while additionally no sound was heard from the object itself, and so it was completely silent. Billy: Auch in Europa werden sie immer wieder mal beobachtet, wobei sie manchmal auch Lichtstrahlen zum Erdboden niederleuchten und Fahrzeuge und Menschen im Licht erstrahlen lassen. Gerade diese Woche wurde mir von so einem Fall in Deutschland berichtet, wo ein Lkw-Fahrer des Nachts plötzlich von einem solchen Flugobjekt, das über seinem Laster schwebte und ein starkes Licht verstrahlte, geblendet wurde, wobei das Licht, wie der Fahrer erklärte, äusserst grell war, während ausserdem vom Objekt selbst kein Ton zu hören und es also völlig geräuschlos war.
Ptaah: Such light-throwing by soundless flight devices on vehicles and human beings as well as buildings, animals, and down upon the ground are well-known to us, and they are typical of the foreign-to-Earth grouping specified by me, about which we have obtained much more information since my last visit on December 9. This has become easy for us through our new technical equipment, where we run no risk of being perceived by those strangers to Earth, because their technology compared with ours is generally still insufficient. And the way it used to be that they could not detect and register our presence, so it will continue to remain. At those times when we made ourselves visible, that is to say, our flying devices, for your photographic work or sometimes also for group members in exceptional cases so that photos could be made, we always shielded ourselves from view by any others, therefore only one sector of vision to our flying devices remained open to the cameras. Likewise, this applied for eye contact, i.e. normal observations, therefore, in this respect, in each case only one sector of vision remained open to the eyes of the observer and in addition the flying devices were also shielded against any technical locating and so forth. Thus, for other observers, such as for the strangers to Earth or for other terrestrial human beings other than those for which we made ourselves visible, it was never possible to see or to locate our flying devices, which will continue to remain so. Ptaah: Solche Lichtwerfungen von lautlosen Fluggeräten auf Fahrzeuge und Menschen sowie auf Gebäude, Tiere und auf den Boden nieder sind uns bekannt, und sie sind typisch für die von mir genannte erdfremde Gruppierung, über die wir seit meinem letzten Besuch am 9. Dezember noch viele weitere Informationen gewonnen haben. Das ist uns durch unsere neue technische Ausrüstung leicht geworden, wobei wir keinerlei Gefahr laufen, von diesen Erdfremden wahrgenommen zu werden, weil ihre Technik gegenüber der unseren allgemein noch unzulänglich ist. Und so wie es bisher war, dass sie unsere Anwesenheit nicht erfassen und nicht registrieren konnten, so wird es auch weiterhin bleiben. Zu jenen Zeiten, als wir uns resp. unsere Fluggeräte für deine Photoarbeit oder ausnahmsweise manchmal auch für Gruppemitglieder sichtbar machten, damit Photos gemacht werden konnten, da schirmten wir uns immer gegen jede andere Sicht ab, folglich nur ein Sichtkeil von unseren Fluggeräten zu den Kameras offenblieb. Gleichermassen galt dies für Augenkontakte resp. normale Beobachtungen, folglich auch in dieser Hinsicht jeweils nur ein Sichtkeil zu den Augen der Beobachter offenblieb und zudem die Fluggeräte auch gegen jegliche technische Ortung usw. abgeschirmt waren. Dadurch war es für andere Beobachtende, wie z.B. für die Erdfremden oder für andere Erdenmenschen als jene, für die wir uns sichtbar machten, niemals möglich, unsere Fluggeräte zu sehen oder zu orten, was auch weiterhin so bleiben wird.
Billy: Thank you, actually you have explained more than I was expecting with regard to my question. Billy: Danke, du hast mehr erklärt, als ich eigentlich in bezug auf meine Frage erwartet habe.


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