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Donations Received

I've revealed this information to ensure that I am financially transparent regarding the donations towards the funding of this Billy Meier Wiki.

  • 28th February 2008 - USD 25 from Shawn (USA)
  • 20th September 2008 - USD 50 from Rod (USA)
  • 6th January 2009 - USD 50 from Rod (USA)
  • 17th February 2009 - GBP 60 from Rod (USA)
  • 19th August 2009 - USD 60 from Wasil H
  • 17th October 2009 - USD 60 from Wasil H
  • 22nd February 2010 - USD 100 from Francisco L
  • 1st August 2010 - USD 20 from Rod (USA)
  • 2nd October 2010 - USD 100 from Wasil H

Income from Advertising

This is income received from Google due to adding a single advertising space to the left-hand side. It displays only for users that have not logged into the website.

  • 27th October 2010 - GBP 64 from Advertising
  • 25th May 2011 - GBP 64 from Advertising
  • 25th October 2011 - GBP 63 from Advertising
  • 25th January 2012 - GBP 61 from Advertising
  • 24th May 2012 - GBP 65 from Advertising


  • Annual web hosting and domain renewal fee - GBP 75

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