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Semjase was 330 years old in 1975,[1] which corresponds approximately to an Earth-human woman who is 33 years old, if proportioned to our understanding, see The Seven Main Periods in the Human Life. She's about 1.7 metres (5.5 ft.) tall and is a slender, young, pretty woman with fair skin, blue eyes and light-blond, fine hair.

Her very long and somewhat forward-placed earlobes is among the few special, and distinguishing, racial characteristics or features that she has. Constituting the main visually apparent anatomical difference, compared with an Earth woman. Beside this there is an overall and generally better, fitter, superior physical proportionality, which isn't necessarily immediately apparent. For all intents and purposes she looks just like an Earth woman. All the Plejaren and even many Plejaren Federation humans look somewhat similar, see The 7 Main Factors in the Human Life.

Due to her exceptional knowledge, which surpasses the average of even her home-world(s) population, she has assumed the Plejaren designated rank of half-Jschrjsch, which may mean a 'half-queen of wisdom' or a 'half-goddess', as they were called earlier on Earth. Having mastered several occupations and occupied herself with various matters on our planet, years before communicating with Billy Meier, which first happened on 28th of January, 1975, she became one of the better orientated extraterrestrials with regards to our situation on Earth, see Interview with Billy (1988) - 1st Question -answer - 'Situation on Earth', before her accident.

During the period of time from February 1965 until June 1973, she stayed in the DAL Universe with Asket's humanity. After her return from the DAL Universe to Erra, she came to Earth in July 1973 and continued to carry out the task she had performed here earlier in a hidden station. Of all the Earth languages, she has only mastered German and learned no others, other Plejaren personnel have mastered others. In November 1984, Semjase finally had to leave the Earth for health reasons.

Her field of work was exclusively restricted to the European area. She had no authorisation whatsoever to become involved in any matters outside the region or for that matter establish contact with any Plejaren work groups in other areas of the planet, outside of Europe, neither in America nor Asia, other Plejaren personnel have been.

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