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Eduard M. is the Plejaren Federation’s representative on the planet and knows the secret of the accelerated ageing.

Introduction and Overview

The Plejaren Federation (Plejarischen Föderation) is an accrued organised arrangement of various civilisations from various diverse mixed star systems, located mostly within the Milky Way galaxy, with a minority being extragalactic and extradimensional members.[1] The dimension or space-time configuration of member star systems varies.

All sentient races throughout the universe are referred to as human beings even though some would be considered by us to be inhuman[2] or unhuman looking, perhaps even horrifying in appearance by some of the more typically primitive or misguided Earthlings.

Billy Meier is the last surviving Earthling who has had contact with members of this Federation of civilizations. There were four others who also had contacts (interpersonal communication) with the Federation persons, all of whom are now deceased. Billy will continue to sustain the communication in interpersonal form, until his death. The dutiful task of the Federation is to preserve as much of the evolving and already existing human life in the cosmos as is reasonable and within their means and is lawful e.g. non-interference. Some of their ancestors were our ancestors who lived upon the Earth until 2000 years ago when many migrated back to the Tayget/Plejares/Plejara system.[citations needed]

They are (generally speaking) concerned about our world because our civilization is headed towards man-made destruction of our own making i.e. consciously and of our choosing, rather than being caused by some cosmic or other influence, and a minority of us are aware of that. They have explained that human developmental evolution follows a reasonably predictable narrative, but each world does things slightly differently. That civilizations come and go a lot, and it's important that we get it right this time because we've restarted our civilization many times now. This is partly why they've been granted certain opportunities to be influential with the introduction of 'ideas' and were granted permission to divert the Great Comet of 1680, but what they can do is still limited. It's all ultimately down to us doing the hard work, which is why Billy Meier, who has been thoroughly instructed by them, teaches self-responsibility.

We are different from the Errans in that our life expectancy average is somewhere in the order of 10 times shorter than their average life expectancy, meaning we don't have so many old wise persons comparatively and our economy accordingly corresponds to that fact. We are however a genetically modified folk much like several of their worlds are, this we are told is a legacy from both their ancestors as well as from the Sirian alliance, and somewhat multi-cultural with 7 races (normal is 3 races) comparatively and a rare situation of having a previously exploded world in our star system (asteroid belt). It's a relatively complicated layup if you have not read into it and it's utterly confused scientists and academics beyond recognition because we have a raft of bones, relics and ancient monuments all over the world from all manner of previous time to review alongside a massive variety of religious beliefs to muddy the water, all making it complicated etc. This is why they decided to deliver much more information to us via Billy than they otherwise would normally have been allowed to, and in fact planned to, having waited for the developmental timing of the internet and thus to a time of a minimum level reasoning, in order to reveal certain 'ideas' (based on facts we have not discovered for sure yet). But despite all this preparation, it's absolutely a fantastic story which they've delivered via Billy, for the majority of humanity, and therefore only a minority of humanity has taken the time to research it up and read into it, an even smaller quantity successfully. This situation will go on we are told (for humanity to sit up and take notice) for several hundred more years until various discoveries are made and woven back into the education system and gradually we have various different diverse people get involved in many different things etc., and slowly things will change in our education system and consciousness, so then more folks in time, will then turn around to it.

The Plejaren Federation would like to be able to visit openly, especially given a small minority of us could tolerate it (Witness Matrix offers a sample), but it's based on the majority, our world is divided into nations, until our arguments calm down and we come around to the truth they just can't, this is the most they can offer us. One reason among many reasons is that many of us have a particularly defined reality-estrangement which is a very dangerous risk for them if you consider that, considering they are human beings. They've watched how we treat one another and have carefully considered.

Key difference

The main difference between the Plejaren and the wider Plejaren Federation

Contact Report 357 Translation (Excerpt)

Source: Contact Report 357

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...with the exception of yourself, from all our folks of our great Federation, which encompasses a measure of distance of 48 million light-years, no personal, telepathic, perceptional, sentimental or other contact at all with Earth-humans exists in the form, that they could be perceived, whether consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously. Tatsächlich jedoch existieren ausser dir von allen unseren Völkern unserer grossen Föderation, die weitenmässig 48 Millionen Lichtjahre umfasst, keinerlei persönliche, telepathische, empfindungsmässige oder sonstige Kontakte zu Erdenmenschen in der Form, dass diese bewusst, unterbewusst oder unbewusst wahrgenommen werden könnten.
In our entire Federation, impulse-contacts only exist coming from we Plejaren, in the form of help with the evolution of Earth-humans, who haven't however the slightest notion of them, and they exclusively pertain to folks who are active in developmental research. Nur von uns Plejaren aus existieren in unserer gesamten Föderation Impulskontakte in Form der Evolutionshilfe zu Erdenmenschen, die davon jedoch nicht die geringste Ahnung haben und ausschliesslich Personen betreffen, die in der entwickelnden Forschung tätig sind.


These names have been derived from the planetary names in the Contact Statistics article and are likely to be incorrect.


  • 127,000,000,000 humans[5]

Highest Council


  • Primary language: Kosan
  • Number of languages: ~127,000

See Plejaren page.

Known Member Star Systems

  • Akon of the DAL Universe
  • Bardan of the Coma Galaxy in the DERN Universe
  • Cygnus of the DERN Universe
  • Lyra of the DERN Universe
  • Nol of the DERN Universe
  • Plejares / Tayget of the DERN Universe
  • Timar of the DAL Universe
  • Wega of the DERN Universe


  • Diameter: 7,000,000,000,000 light-years.[context and citation needed]


Plejaren Federation in the Contact Reports

Contact Report 003

By Semjase of Erra

13. We are not the so-called superhumans or super-beings that people on Earth like to label us from their own lack of knowledge and within their own imagination.

14. We are also not teachers, missionaries or trailblazers.

15. We only have the dutiful task to preserve the evolving and already existing human life in the cosmos.

16. This means that we endeavour to keep order and monitor certain life.

17. We generate contacts here and there with inhabitants of different worlds if our directives allow us, single out some of them, and provide them with explanations, but only if a race is developing towards a higher level and slowly starts thinking.

18. Then we slowly familiarize them with the thought that they are not the only thinking beings in the universe.

19. Now and then we also assist telepathically to instil certain cognitions toward the discovery of technical inventions that are needed at the present time.

30. We are neither guardians nor overseers of terrestrial humankind; we feel obligated to them only because our ancient forefathers were their forefathers prior to their escape from Earth due to self-induced catastrophes by a few power-hungry people, before escaping to the Pleiades—exactly as you have deduced and calculated in the last few decades according to your knowledge.

Diet and nutrition

Their main foods are fruits, vegetables and meat because they're omnivores like we are. The Errans manufacture their meat so this means that no animals are harmed in its production on their world. In fact they do not harm their fauna at all anymore. This may be true for many of their other worlds but it hasn't been mentioned so far.

Influences in Earth History

  • Assisted the education of several Prophets of truth, truth bringers, through more recent Earth history, see Event Timeline for perspective on the term recent.
  • Some level of protection for and on behalf of Earth, from interstellar aggression and intrigues.[6]
  • Deported from Earth and subsequently imprisoned the Giza Intelligences (The Bafath) in 1978.[7]
  • Decreased the orbital period of The Destroyer comet, from 575.5 to 1180 years, at some time during the 20th century. Then later on redirected it entirely, so that it will never again threaten the Earth with another great flood,[8] see The Great Deluge.
  • Prevented testing of a weapon of mass destruction that would have destroyed the Earth within a few seconds, in the 20th century.
  • Established and now continuously conducting the Peace Meditation, since 1983, which has helped end some political confusion, ending certain dictatorships and averting WW3.[9] World War 4 if the Seven Years' War is included in the listing.
  • Assisted telepathically, with impulses, see Spirit Teaching, to instil certain cognitions leading to the discovery of technical and medical inventions that were needed at that present time.[10] We would have got past oil in the 20th century were the economics not great.[citation needed]

see File:Regarding Plejaren Unconscious Thought Impulses.pdf

Communication with Earth-humans

Eduard is an Earth human, he’s a European, see Why Billy Meier. Eduard was told in the twentieth century by a Plejaren Federation spokesperson the secret of Earth’s evolutionary spirit-form age disparity. In other words we know a lot about extraterrestrials already, we just don't realise it with any measure of clarity yet.


Citations required, please check on the Index.

  • Earth needs an absolute birth suspension followed by permanent birth control measures to reduce Overpopulation.
  • FIGU is not directed toward destroying religions, sects, faith, they live by the rule of tolerance and refrain from proselytizing.
  • The truth is humans must always bear their own responsibility, applies to all thoughts, feelings, contemplations and endeavors.
  • Folks should not believe things or statements presented to them, must always check.
  • Climate Change 50%+ our fault, Overpopulation.
  • We share ancestry with extraterrestrials. Evas is what they called the mixed race half extraterrestrials back then and Semjasa called his son Adam.
  • We are living wrongly on Earth.
  • Anunnaki is mythology.
  • World War II demanded 53,874,328 victims.
  • Earth Politics and Religions in current form are adverse to nature.
  • We have to make a global government at some time or another.
  • We must dissolve military that leans toward war and political and military secret services.
  • We need to form worldwide team of security and safety agents to replace military and from every nation.
  • Creative-natural laws, maths and science should be taught worldwide instead of religion, prevent under 18's exposure to religion.
  • Easter Island had extraterrestrials living alongside locals for a while.
  • Loch ness monster is a real Plesiosaurus.
  • Elephants have an extraordinarily advanced instinct-consciousness and instinct-psyche.
  • Must clean up forests, meadows, water, atmosphere, and damage to plants, humans, animals, and microorganisms.
  • No Jesus Christ
  • No God
  • Bible extensively falsified.
  • Reincarnation is real
  • We have a Spirit
  • Not possible to contact the dead.
  • Some biblical stories happened, but distorted.
  • Meditation helps calm down, breathing exercises helps health.
  • Evolution is real and fact, however Charles Darwin modified some of the bones.
  • Several root languages are of extraterrestrial origin.
  • Some Earthquakes and resulting tsunamis are man-made.
  • White, Black, Asian races of extraterrestrial origin.
  • Carbon dating is not accurate, may be off by a thousand years.
  • Extraterrestrials made Neanderthals, later killed and mated with them, creating anatomically modern humans.
  • Atlantis was one of many globalisations, prehistory.
  • Asteroid belt planet, Malona, humans destroyed.
  • We're genetically modified, Ageing 10 times faster than normal for human beings.
  • We have a particularly short history because of Ageing pace, abnormal to visiting extraterrestrials, Plejaren have to explain that to visitors on our behalf.
  • Mars was once inhabited.
  • In ancient times, todays west was in the north and todays east was in the south, why we find buried jungles etc.
  • Aid to the third-world causes dependency and later immigration.
  • International sanctions is stupid.
  • Must end torture and capital punishment worldwide.
  • Nuclear weapon testing created a strange wobble in Earth's orbit, caused climate changes and animals to loose sense of direction, stranding.
  • Common cold caused by thinking.
  • Cancer can be prevented, caused by lifestyle, many cancers caused by nuclear testing.
  • Many Earth leaders are the difficult to diagnose type of psychopath.
  • Prison time is too short.
  • Apollo 11 and 13 was staged.
  • Various aircraft hijackings and disappearances.
  • TWA flight 800 was gunned down by military, thought it was a UFO.
  • Adolf Hitler was influenced by extraterrestrials.
  • AIDs originated in Africa from beastiality with long-tailed monkeys.
  • Many in USA suffer from an undiagnosed, irreversible psychosis, psycho-persecution-delusion.
  • 40,353,607 races originally evolved in the universe, all Earth-humans come from the same ancient race, more recently lived on different planets however.
  • Coral reefs began on land, evolved when flooded.
  • Horse imported from north america not other way around.
  • Avocado ancient genetic modification.
  • Additional 'bodies' in solar system, including a binary star.
  • We had Beamships in ancient times.
  • Civilization destroyed/restarted many times on Earth, dangerous system.
  • Giza Pyramids & many others made by extraterrestrials using lazers and pillow of waves, reconstructed recently using primitive methods.
  • The Big Bang Theory is real, more than one and has a cycle of expansion and contraction.
  • Area 51 (or other facility) has various flying saucers.
  • Roswell 'aliens' were android humans, no spirit-form, eyes more slitty however, crash caused by radar testing experiments.
  • Some, very few, of the crop circles were real.
  • This is China's century and may be the next superpower.
  • Cattle mutilations were by military and secret service people, to create xenophobia toward extraterrestrials.
  • One of the Plejaren Federation races have been instructed to show their spaceships to individuals reading Billy Meier.
  • WTC terrorism, Hiroshima, Princess Diana etc, tsunami & disasters etc many prophecied years before happening, as did computer, mobile phones, RFID chips and drones and future things.
  • Plejaren Federation can walk among us invisible in dimension, but not allowed to interfere.
  • Civilization is built on sand.
  • Plejaren live in another dimension permanently, Plejaren Federation however is spread over several dimensions.
  • Akashic records i.e. stored impulses are real.
  • We're living on the edge of a future disaster which will be the worst the planet has ever seen, in any epoch, Overpopulation.
  • Tunguska event was a spaceship
  • Extraterrestrials are forbidden by law to openly freely reveal themselves to us.
  • Extraterrestrials have lived on Earth at various times, bases and in small communities.
  • FIGU has the biggest UFO photograph collection because they allowed Billy to take the photos.
  • Some extraterrestrial races are dangerous and we will encounter them soon in history.
  • Additional fundamental forces to be discovered, 7 in total.
  • Billy is not allowed to tell us some things, sworn to secrecy.
  • If we change one single genetic strand, we can live for 500-1000 years, and that is a normal length of life for a human being, we are abnormal.
  • Green atmospheres are the best, not blue.
  • Overpopulation causes overall intelligence to go down not up.
  • Earth has 20% oxygen, we need 30%.
  • Earth is considered a water world. All oceans put together x2 is in ground, even under many deserts.
  • In ancient times some agreement was made with extraterrestrials called the codex.
  • Yeti/Bigfoot exists, 4 types.
  • Extraterrestrials helped Albert Einstein with unconscious impulses.
  • Plejaren helped us discover many things with unconscious impulses since 1844.
  • Thousands of large animals on Earth not yet discovered.
  • Ambassadors from hundreds of races have visited Earth, majority are in the federation however.
  • Billy was educated by Plejaren Federation from early age, that's why he knows many things.

Plejaren Federation unofficial advices

This section is not directly from a FIGU publication

Advice worded a different way and given by example, never given directly as written advice but which constitutes advice by example. This information has been gathered by reading into what they do, rather than what they say. Not necessarily possible for us on Earth during this time in our history, but are things to consider maybe.

  • Dont load children with many toys, especially toy guns, dont create an economy for many toys. Because folks forget the lethalness of a deadly weapon. Dont base a culture and economy on the aethetics of a deadly weapon. Because the lethalness of a dangerous weapon may be trivialized to a childs toy. - Origin of example: See laser weapons photo in Gallery
  • Develop a sustainable food source. E.g. Fruit grows on trees for free and harvested when hungry. Develop a produce which can be sustainably grown without depletion or destruction of environment i.e depletion. Eg some tablet type capsule which has many supplements not attainable from locally grown food etc. Eat as if you mean to go on, ensure local environment remains fertile and productive. Dont have a system where it costs less to eat food from the other side of the world than to eat local food. And have a system where individuals produce their own food as a task given to them. - Origin of example: See Plejaren nutrition and food information
  • Make things last for a very long time, dont have products, devices and tools which will break after few uses or designed to fail, have tools that last and are built properly, for the purpose and does the task successfully and maintain the best it can be, take care of it, dont reinvent a good thing to make it inferior to sell more for sales sake. As if you mean to go on. - Origin of example: See development time of Plejaren technology; 50 years of testing etc.,
  • If replacing a fleet of vehicles, test the prototype for decades before rolling out.
  • Take special care over where you choose to live, taking into account a massive quantity of data, historical records etc, and live among your own. - Origin of example: See Plejaren don't live near coastlines or mountains
  • Develop an overall bodysuit for various tasks. - Origin of example: See Plejaren overall suit
  • Have a system where if there is a planet emergency, some form of alarm is raised to meet to discuss what to do about it. If there is a natural disaster then a security/guard/army from all over world helps. - Origin of example: See Plejaren planet emergency system
  • A system where races living with one another is rare, not the norm, preserving cultural identities but can work with one another, such as at planet level tasks and in offworld teams (assuming the technology has developed that far). Be tolerant of all the different races and cultures and develop a system which does that. E.g. develop a system of laws which protect all different peoples (not possible on Earth because we have individual nations with no common law over viewing their relationships). - Origin of example: See Plejaren rarely mix races
  • Protect human beings in the way which is appropriate to them with a comprehensive but short arrangement of rights and laws, and protects animals in a way which is appropriate to them and plants and the earth itself which is appropriate. E.g. special womens protection laws (or special men laws), special earth preservation laws. - Origin of example: See Plejaren appreciation for their world
  • Develop an education system which fortifies the law and natural-laws, because the law is presumably logical, not an education which teaches how to circumvent the law to get rich and take advantage of loop-holes and vulnerabilities. An education which teaches facts, sciences, mathematics, languages, and a number of economically relevant things. Don't have examinations and tests which are entirely irrelevant to anything. Develop goals in a civilization which are realistic (but challenging), generative and forthcoming and becoming of good values and aspirations. Again not necessarily possible because we have a speculative money system which makes stability and planning difficult, we also in many nations have a class of individuals which hog the capital city, where the economic prime and political and economic jobs are located which prevents aspiring for anything better, and perhaps that's why the European Union dictatorship has emerged. We have not yet organized ourselves, this is why the Plejaren have kept quiet about certain things because it's going to take hundreds of revolutions before we can have what they have, assuming we even could with the arrangement we have on Earth, not impossible but unlikely. - Origin of example: See Plejaren education systems
  • Allow ageing with dignity, each age group is not hounded or harassed by commercial services and products. - Origin of example: See Plejaren careers for life
  • Get over oil as a fuel and product as quickly as possible, dont stretch out to make the economics of it so appealing that every last drop is used because the economics of the health impacts of it make it non economical. - Origin of example: See Plejaren don't take resources from their own world
  • If something is necessary for progress, don't make the things necessary for progress illegal to obtain, silence or otherwise prevent what is necessary occurring. If an aviation company requires rare earth metals and eccentric scientists to progress onto developing safer more equitable means of transportation, then they should not be prevented or hindered by governmental authorities but encouraged in another way, there should be communication with the education system and education environment, if the people are strongly opposed to what is necessary. In the same vein if genetic research requires testing and the people are strongly against what is necessary then it has to proceed in another way but not halted, if developments are necessary then an emphasis on education should happen rather than closing it down and silencing it. Murder as a means of problem solving must end. - Origin of example: See Plejaren problem solving together, not money gain problem solving, Plejaren send criminal to other worlds
  • Fake news is probably tied in here, governments have to be responsible, it's difficult to allow the liberty of lying to the public of the free press and informing them, so have a system where lying at the government level doesn't happen, how ever that ends up coming across. If you live in a society where lying is the norm you really know your in a bad way. An arrangement of informative facts are given by government, it means being more transparent about intelligence's or else conspiracy theories and alternative opinions have to exist and come into being. The government should explain more successfully what it is doing, what it is not doing, what you are doing, what they are doing, i.e democratic, fully informed, or else a free press has to exist which offers it another way, a government should be taking into account all the different opinions and offering a fully educational arrangement of information so that everyone is properly informed. It means a government which has less power and less influence in the lives of it's citizens, it also means it is positioned in such a way that it is able to take onboard reasonable criticism and not ignore what is necessary, in the long term stability, but it also means bringing in people from all over a nation from many different backgrounds and including everyone, not just those seeking to cream the financial benefits of being in government but those who are representing the people it is representing so there is a feedback loop. Again on Earth this is not necessarily, hardly even, possible because some nations have different positions than others, in Switzerland they can offer much more data openly to the public than say another nation which has a different arrangement of values. - Origin of example: See Plejaren education systems and money systems, and legal systems
  • Increase the standard of living and don't have binge globalisations, keep society and civilizations going for longer, think and consider descendants more generously. Keep the worldwide population quantity in check, under control, carefully monitor the numbers and amount of births which take place every year worldwide and limit the numbers worldwide to average out, and enforce it with the worldwide army in a humane manner (eventually, after a very long transition, assuming there's an ideological system which has lead to overpopulation), get the education system explaining what problems arise if it's not checked, and explain generously the kinds of problems which occur if it's all allowed to run like an every man for himself, as well as the unnecessary (stupid) laws which have to be introduced in overpopulated nations. The Asian especially races on Earth need a really generous proper education at some time or another about many things that they are doing with excess, whatever ideological system has lead them into doing that. Again it's not advice given by the Plejaren and FIGU it's example by how they do it in their society, presumably having learnt from a similar time in their own history. But they don't have some of the 'other' unsolvable problems which we have. - Origin of example: See Plejaren Federation and their global languages and multiple world languages
  • Global government owned property, every citizen is given a property to live in for their entire life, evenly distributed over the habitable areas of the world, and it is taken away after death. Because land ownership is the most lucrative position in any society, it prevents situations like the America's, Africa and Oceania, of a big land grab etc., etc. - Origin of example: See Plejaren distribution systems, social system etc.,

(FOM Note: This is not advice given by them, its advice by example, how they do things, to find the reference and context given for each requires reading the Contact Reports. Its not necessarily possible as mentioned for us to do this, and that is why its not listed as advice officially or given as such.)

Further Reading

  • Event Timeline
  • No nation has ever gained by conducting secret extraterrestrial conversations with invisible people at a private lodge before. The real work of a great nation is not conducted this way.

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