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Translation note from the author

These articles contain tentative, amateur translations of small parts of Billy Meier's work, to help me adequately convey the importance and the nature of this material. You should not rely on these translations, nor on our work which is intended only as a guide and introduction. We are not FIGU[1] members who produce the official material and texts.

If you are interested in understanding Billy Meier's work and teachings you should strive to access the original texts and officially produced booklets and articles. You can access the available FIGU English language material here Guido Moosebrugger's And Still They Fly, is a must and can be found at Michael Horn's excellent web site which provides a terrific summary of the Meier case, with a strong focus on the hard evidence. We also recommend his DVD. The Talmud Jmmanuel is also essential reading, as is Prof. James Deardorff's website which provides the evidence demonstrating its authenticity. You can also go to to see their English language publications.

We recommend learning the German language, in the absence of imminent official translations of the many still un-translated texts. One reason for this is that the German language more closely conveys the meaning of the spiritual teachings. Not every subtle meaning conveyed in the German language can be adequately translated into other languages. The language in OM is often in the Old German written language form, which adds to the problems surrounding any translation effort.

In order to lessen the chance of conveying the wrong meaning in my articles I have generally included the main passages in German from which I have drawn just above the relevant section in my article. Sometimes we have produced quite direct translations but sometimes, where more practical, the wording is looser. Sometimes the German wording is a little unclear and awkward to translate, so we carried this over into the English instead of forcing a meaning which may not be what was intended. Above all, while there may be errors and untidy patches, I have always done my best to stay true to the meaning of the text. - Vivienne Legg

OM - The Book of Books - The Book of Truth - by Vivienne Legg

"The word of truth is given, and this is wholly sufficient to reveal the teaching of the truth for any who are willing to make and to bear the effort of learning through their own power."

The Plejaren, the advanced extraterrestrial people who have, for decades, been in contact with Swiss man Eduard Meier, have provided us with hundreds of day time photos of their spacecraft, metal samples, prophetically accurate information, wise commentary and dire warnings concerning current world affairs which has attracted much interest and controversy in certain circles. These same people have also facilitated the coming into being of "the Book of Truth" - the retransmitted, unfalsified, universal spiritual teachings, delivered in words understandable to Earth-humans. This book of truth is called the OM.

OM Kanon 3:3
Das ist das Buch der Gesetze und Gebote der Shöpfung, ausgeleget und erkläret mit verständlichem Wort.
4. Das ist das Buch der Kenntnis der Shöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote, wie es im Wort und Sinn ist gegeben durch den JHWH und den Propheten der irdischen Menschengeschlechter.

This is the book of the laws and directives of Creation, laid out and explained with understandable words.
This is the book of knowledge of the Creational laws and directives, as it is given in words and sense through the JHWH and the prophets of the Earthly humankind.

I can't start to do justice to the OM or the other historically profound material produced by Billy Meier under the guidance of the Plejaren, most of which is still only published in the German language. But considering the extraordinary importance of the message contained within these books and the mass of disinformation from without that continues to obscure it, and considering Earth humanity's dire need for genuine teachings of wisdom, I do feel obliged to try to point to some of the main messages they contain. Then hopefully, more of us can begin to understand what is here and we can get on with the job of exploring it with all its implications.

The teaching in OM is profound, intelligent, thorough, clear and infinitely loving. The tone is reverential, confronting, stern, wise, and admonishing. OM begins by making clear the role of those who are delivering it. We are left in no doubt that the JHWH (King of Wisdom) and the prophet are only highly evolved human teachers who are obliged to help us. We should never, ever worship them as we had been wrongly led to do in the past. OM begins with clear explanations of the nature and role of the JHWH. A canon is also devoted to clarifications about how "god" is not Creation and how the gods were people who came from the stars and misrepresented themselves as "Creators". OM explains the relationship between the JHWH and the prophet, the nature and role of the prophet and his relationship to Earth humanity. It tells us that these prophets and JHWHes emerge as helpers and carry out their functions according to the laws and directives of Creation. They explain why we need the OM.

Kanon 20:38
Denn es ist dem Menschen entschwunden die Gesinnung der Bemühung, dass die Wahrheit soll erarbeitet werden durch eigene Kraft des Denkens und Forschens und Erkennens.

39. Also hat er sich gewandelt in der Form zum Irren, dass er nur noch das annehmen will als Wahrheit, das er mit seinen Händen berühren kann, und das er mit seinen Augen sehen kann, und das er mit seinen Ohren hören kann.
40. Es ist dies aber der Weg der Falschheit und des reinen Materiellen, der jeder Bemühung des Selbstdenkens, des Selbstfühlens, des Selbstforschens, des Selbstsuchens und der Selbsterkennung jeglicher Lösung und Wahrheit Hohn spricht und spottet.
41. Also ist nicht gegeben dadurch der Weg zur Erforschung der Wahrheit und der Findung der Wahrheit, weshalb durch den JHWH und durch den Propheten keine Zeichen oder nur sehr sparsam Zeichen gegeben sein sollen, die da von der Wahrheit zeugend sind.

42. Gegeben ist das Wort der Wahrheit, und dieses ist genügsam vollauf, um die Lehren der Wahrheit zu offenbaren für jene, die da sind willig, die Mühsal der Erlernung durch eigene Kraft anzugehen und zu tragen.

The Earth human's sense of effort towards seeking the truth has disappeared. He has lost the inclination to seek the truth through his inherent power of thinking, searching and recognizing. Therefore he has wandered into the erroneous form of thinking, that he will only accept as true that which he can touch with his hands and that he can see with his eyes and that he can hear with his ears. But this is the false, purely material way, which mocks and scorns any effort of self-thinking, self-feeling, self-searching, self-seeking and self-recognition of every solution and truth. Therefore through this, the way to the searching for the truth, and the finding of the truth, is not provided. And so, through the JHWH and the Prophets, no signs, or only sparse signs, should be given, that testify to the truth. The word of truth is given, and this is wholly sufficient to reveal the teaching of the truth for any who are willing to make and to bear the effort of learning through their own power.

Kanon 20:47
Und es ist der JHWH ein Mensch der Erkenntnis in Weisheit, und so sei auch der Prophet, dem da offebaret wird zuweilen vom JHWH die Belehrung in Wort und Schrift, die er da weitergebet und zu belehren hat an die Menschengeschlechter, für die er ist zugeordnet.

And the JHWH is a human of knowledge in wisdom, and so is the prophet, to whom would be revealed, by the JHWH every now and then, the instructions in word and text that he has to further give to, and with which he must instruct, the humankind with whom he is associated.

There are references in OM about the repeated corruption of the teachings over the millennia and the role of the prophets who have come time and time again to correct this situation.

Kanon 20:94
Es ward aber belehret die Wahrheit des wahrlichen Wissens den irdischen Menschengeschlechtern seit alters her und schon gegeben dem Adam.

95. Es waren gegeben den Menschengeschlechtern und Völkern der Erde Propheten von alters her, so also ward gesendet der Henoch und der Elja, der Jesaja und der Jeremja, und der Jmmanuel und der Mohammed in direkter Folge und steter Wiedergeburt, nebst dem Johannes und Eljas und dem Hjob und allem Heer der anderen Rechtschaffenen und Gerechten, wie sie da auch waren der Buddha, der Zoroaster und der Babatschi und andere.

96. Sie waren alle erkoren und geleitet und hinabgesendet teilens durch den JHWH und teilens durch sich selbst und im Wissen und Können als Propheten oder Geistführer zu den Menschengeschlechtern und Völkern der Erde, doch alle wurden sie verleumdet und verfolget, und es wurden ihre Lehren und ihre Worte der Wahrheit im Unverstehen oder Hass verfälschet, so entstanden sind daraus irreführende und falsche Religionen und Sekten.

The truth of the truthful knowledge was taught to the Earthly humankind since ancient times and already given to Adam.

The human races and peoples of Earth were provided prophets from ancient days, and for this reason were sent to Earth Enoch (Henok) and Elijah (Elja), Isaiah (Jesaja), Jeremiah (Jeremja), Jmmanuel and Mohammed in direct succession and with ensuing rebirth, next to Johannes and Elijas and Hjob and all hosts of other upstanding and righteous ones, as they also were Buddha, Zoroaster and Babatschi and others.

They were all selected and led and sent partly through the JHWH and partly through themselves and in knowledge and ability as prophets or spirit leaders to the humankind and peoples of the Earth, yet all were slandered and persecuted and their teachings and their words of truth were falsified in lack of understanding or hate, and so wrongly-leading and false religions and sects have come into being.

OM was written down by Billy Meier between 10th May 1983 and 9th October 1984. Published in 1988, OM is described as "The book of books", and as Billy's greatest work. Its over 455, A4 pages comprise 77 canons. Each canon contains a number of verses being a multiple of seven. The parts of OM which, we are told were in the Ur[2] OM written down by Henok, were delivered by Plejaren leader, JHWH Ptaah, by telepathic means. (Ptaah has been among those who have also visited Billy Meier in person many times and verbally relayed information that way too, the results of which can be read in the volumes of published contact notes.) OM's ancient proverbs of wisdom, (some rhyming), were reproduced through Billy's own efforts, and, apart from sections which are the words of Semjase, the daughter of the JHWH, all remaining teachings, proverbs, explanations and clarifications come from Billy, who is the New Age Prophet. The OM introduction explains that OM is often presented in Old German, as it was in the earliest times (as well as other languages). Some words that may appear to be errors are not, but are actually long-forgotten ancient versions of words. It is important to be aware of the advice from Meier and his associates that the German language more faithfully relays the meaning of the teachings than does English or other Earth languages. Many German words do not have counterparts in other languages. (The German language stems from the old Lyrian language, which was once spoken on Earth.) And so the German more accurately preserves the meaning and should also be displayed along side any translation for this reason, among others.

The following excerpt from the English language FIGU publication, 49 Questions, explains the word OM.

OM (AUM in Sanskrit) is an ancient word derived from the old Lyrian language, which was long since lost on Earth. The actual meaning of the acronym OM is disclosed when the full significance of both letters are revealed by an explanation of the two words whose first letters are the "O" and the "M" - OMFALON MURADO. When abridged as O and M, these two words OMFALON MURADO possess the identical, indeed, an even greater tonal-harmony significance that when the two are fully pronounced as OMFALON MURADO. For this reason, the abbreviation "OM" was used and became the traditional form. The ancient Lyrians referred to their writings about the truth - the BOOK OF TRUTH - also as the OM, OMFALON MURADO, LIFE'S NAVEL or the NAVEL OF LIFE. The text, entitled "OM" incorporates all Creational teachings, that is to say, the book holds all teachings of wisdom and life as a written record.

To me, one of the most remarkable features of OM is its central core, canon 32, in which the New Age Prophet delivers over two and a half thousand proverbs of wisdom. As mentioned in OM's introduction, the vast number of proverbs of wisdom contained in OM have been produced in their original and correct form through Billy's own efforts. It says that these proverbs were known in Lyrian as the Salomonische Weisheit, the wisdom proverbs of peace, and were drawn from directly by King Solomon, who was wrongly given credit for them, and who, to a large extent, greatly falsified them.

Kanon 32:58
Durch das Niederfallen und Sichsammeln einzelner Wassertropfen in einem Kruge füllt er sich langsam; dasselbe Gestz gilt für den Lernenden der Wahrheit und Weisheit und des Wissens.

Through the falling and accumulation of individual water drops, a jug fills slowly. The same law applies for the learning of the truth and wisdom and the knowledge.
247. Der Ungerechte quält und tötet seine Mitmenschen durch Strafe, der Weise aber ist milde und nachsichtig und also geduldig, jedoch stetig mahnend zu den Fehlbaren und Schuldbaren, deshalb ist er der Strengere.
The unrighteous person torments and kills his fellowmen through punishment, but the wise person is mild and forbearing, and therefore patient, however always admonishing to the fallible and guilty, therefore he is the stricter.
314. Wenn es keine Mächtigen, sondern nur Geistführer unter den Menschen gäbe, dann lebte der Mensch der Erde innen und aussen im wahrlichen Paradiese.
315. Sind keine Geistführer, welche die Menschen leiten, dann wird das Volk hin-und hergeworfen, wie ein Schiff im grossen Sturme des Meeres, und die Mächtigen haben vollkommene Gewalt über sie.
If there are no mighty ones, rather only spirit leaders among the people, then the human of the Earth lives inwardly and outwardly in true paradise.

If there are no spirit leaders who lead the people, then the people would be thrown to and fro like a ship in a great storm of the ocean, and the mighty would have complete power over them.

On either side of these thousands of proverbs of wisdom, are sections which contain the re-transmission of words written down by the prophet Henok, including grave prophecies concerning our present times, visions, the story of how thousands of years ago the "sons and daughters of Heaven"[3] (celestial sons and daughters) mixed with the Earth-humans, and many more proverbs of wisdom. Some of Henok's writings, in twisted form, still exist in the form of the book know as the Book of Enoch. Billy Meier says the book of Enoch was the oldest and most important book in the Bible which was removed and condemned as being heretical by the Holy See in Rome.

The beginning of the canon in which Henok's words are introduced starts with the following words.

Kanon 31:4
" Dies ist das Buch des Wortes der Wahrheit, das dir offenbaret ist als Lehre der Weisheit und also als Erinnerung und Wegleitung für dein Leben, auf dass du keine Bangigkeit habest in deiner Brust, wenn du der Gerechten einer bist, doch auf dass du dich ermahnen lassest und dich zum Gerechten wandelst, wenn du der Ungerechten einer bist.

This is the book of the words of truth that is revealed to you as the teachings of wisdom and therefore as the recollection, and the direction for your life, so that you have no fear in your breast if you are the righteous one, yet on that, let yourself be warned and you change to the righteous, if you are an unrighteous one.

45. Und es ist geschrieben viel der Geschichte in Schriften und Büchern der Erdenmenschen, doch sind verfälschet viele Dinge, so es der Wahrheit sehr mangelt.
46. Es sind aber die Segensworte des Henok festgehalten anderweitig, so sie dem Menschen der Erde Belehrung sein sollen in Erinnerung, und so sich der Mensch der Erde der Wahrheit besinnen möge und sich wandele.

And the story is written much in texts and books of the Earth human, yet many things are falsified, so the truth is very lacking.

But it is the blessing words of Henok written down another time so that the human of the Earth is instructed in recollection, so that the human of the Earth can sense the truth, and change.

In stark contrast to most, if not all of the twisted remnants of these teachings with which we have become familiar, are astonishingly beautiful sections which focus on nature, and how we can learn from observing it because it expresses the laws and directives of Creation and the creational spirit which is also within us.

Kanon 48:17
Der geistige Mensch sieht in der schöpferischen Schöpfung nicht nur das Angenehme und Nützliche, das Grosse and das Schöne.

18. Nein, denn er findet in dem ewigen und wundervollen Spiel der Natur eine Selbstoffenbarung der Schöpfung für sein Teilstück schöpferischen Geistes in sich.

The spiritual human sees in the creational Creation not only the pleasant and useful, the great and the beautiful. No, because he finds, in the eternal and wonderful play of nature, a self-manifestation of Creation for his fragment of Creational spirit in himself.

Spiritual teachings of the JHWH's daughter Semjase, are included in OM. Semjase has played a key role in the recent mission on Earth, first appearing before Billy Meier from her beamship in a forest clearing in Switzerland in 1975.
She has been described as a having the rank of a half Jschrjsch - a half Queen of wisdom, and would have been known in ancient times (Greek mythology) as a demi-goddess of wisdom.

Kanon 49:4
Der wirklich Geistig-Strebende ist ein edler Künstler.

5. Zarten Geistes, sanften Wesens, voller Liebe, Wissen, Weisheit und grossen Sinnes ist er höchst empfindsam für Wahrheit, Ausgeglichenheit, Schönheit und geistigen Fortschritt.
6. Sein Leben ist beherrscht, geläutert und erhaben und seine Perspektiven sind sehr weit.
7. Sein ganzer Sinn ist grossmütig, und Shönheit drückt sich in seinem schlichten Leben voll geistiger Würde aus.
8. Seine innere Ruhe bringt eine Schönheit, die kein Künstler zu malen und kein Dichter in Worten zu schildern vermag.

The real spiritually-striving one is a noble artist. Tender spirit, gentle nature, full of love, knowledge, wisdom and great sense, he has the highest sensitivity for truth, balance, beauty and spiritual progress. His life is controlled, refined and exalted, and his perspectives are very far.

His entire sense is magnanimous, and beauty expresses itself in his plain life, full of spiritual dignity. His inner stillness brings a beauty that no artist can paint and no poet may describe in words.

Semjase's teachings recorded in OM include a section which has also been published with an English translation on the FIGU website as the, "Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings" (and which any interested reader should read as a priority).

Quite a lot of what is presented by the prophet of the new time sounds like it comes from the figure we know as Jmmanuel. But, as the current prophet's spirit form was incarnated as Jmmanuel, as well as others, this similarity is really only reasonable. Semjase has the following to say about the timelessness of the teachings, as is relayed in the German version of the early contact notes.

Contact Report 009, 21 March 1975

79. Wenn daher Jmmanuel vor 2000 Jahren die Lehre des Wissens und der Weisheit brachte, dann konnte er das nur im selben Wortsinne tun, wie das auch schon Jahrzehntausende vor ihm getan wurde.
80. Und wenn ich zur heutigen Zeit über die Lehre des Wissens und der Weisheit spreche, dann kann ich das wiederum nur im selben Wortsinne tun, wie dies schon von Jmmanuel und von allen Lehrern vor ihm gelehrt wurde.
81. Wenn daher meine Worte gleichgerichtet mit denen von Jmmanuel klingen, dann ist die logische Erkennung daraus zu ziehen, dass an der Lehre nichts verändert wurde.
82. Die Wahrheit bleibt für alle Zeiten immer die gleiche, folglich sie auch über Jahrmillionen hinweg immer identisch klingt, auch wenn sie mit andern Worten gesagt wird.

If Jmmanuel brought the teaching of knowledge and the wisdom 2000 years ago, then he could only do that in the same word sense as that was done already ten thousand years before him.

And if I speak in the current time regarding the teaching of knowledge and wisdom, then I can do that again only in the same word sense as this was already taught by Jmmanuel, and from all teachers before him. If, hence, my words ring the same way with those from Jmmanuel then the logical recognition to draw is that the teaching would not be changed. The truth always remains the same for all times, subsequently it also has the identical ring millions of years away, also if it is said with other words.

I should also mention that much of the other information and teaching provided with the co-operation of Eduard Meier has come from two advanced spirit "we-forms", who are beyond time and space and thus, so are their perspectives. This is further reason for the apparent timelessness and similarity of the spiritual teachings over the ages. (For instance, the we-form, known as Petale, which has delivered the 12 Commandments again, is the highest level of consciousness a spirit can attain before merging again with Creation.)

The OM contains "psalms", warnings, appeals, admonitions, teachings about marriage, sexual relationships, correctional measures and many other things including, of course, a canon devoted to how Creation came into existence.

Kanon 8:4
"Am Anfang war die Eiform der Shöpfungspirale, hervorgebracht durch de Idee der Urschöpfung.

5. Die Schöpfungsspirale war geistige Urform, winzig klein und nur von der Grösse eines Flohs.
6. In der Spirale aber rotierete und pulsierete die Geistenergieform der werdenden Schöpfung, gewaltig und ausdehnungsgewillet.
7. Die Energieform wuchs und wurde zur geballeten Kraft, und explodierete in grellstem Blitzefeuer.
8. Ein Sohar zwischen den zahllosen Universen des Absolutumraumes.

In the beginning was the egg-form of the Creation spiral, brought forth through the idea of the original Creation. The Creation spiral was spiritual original-form, tiny, and only the size of a flea.

But in the spiral rotated and pulsed the spirit energy form of the emerging Creation, forceful and willed towards expanding. The energy form grew and became a balled power and exploded in blazing lightning fire. A Zohar[4] between the countless universes of the absolute space...

The teachings of OM are for all humanity and do not raise one race into a special position above the rest.

Kanon 44:34
Sie [the prophets] erkannten aber auch die Wahrheit, dass die Schöpfung in allem einheitlich ist, und dass sie keinerlei Rasse als etwas Besonderes bevorzugt, noch auf eine Nationalität achtet.

But the prophets recognised the truth that the Creation is unifying in all and that it pulls in front no kind of race as something special, nor does it pay attention to a nationality.
Kanon 20:164 Und schmähet da nicht die Alten und nicht die Jungen und nicht die Geschädigten am Körper, und schmähet nicht den Nächsten, der da eine andere Sprache spricht oder der da hat eine andere Hautfarbe, denn es ist jeder Mensch gleichwertig dem anderen, welcher Art und Rasse er auch immer ist, und ob er da ist alt oder jung, gelb, schwarz oder braun oder weiss oder rot oder blau, und ob es da ist Kind, Weib oder Mann, und ob es da ist Feind oder Freund oder Gerechter, Ungerechter, Wissender oder Unwissender.

And do not despise the old and not the young, and not the injured on the body, and do not despise the neighbor who speaks another language or who has another skin colour, because every human is equivalent to the other, which ever kind or race he also always is, and whether he is old or young, yellow, black, or brown or white, or red or blue, and whether he is a child, a woman or man, and whether he is an enemy or friend, or righteous, unrighteous, knowledgeable or ignorant.

Perhaps most importantly, these teachings stress that we seek understanding and truth, knowledge, wisdom and love through our own efforts and reasonable logic, not through belief. Because:

Kanon 53:26
Wer die Wahrheit nicht mit seinem Verstande, sondern mit Glauben erfassen will, der kann die Früchte aus ihr nicht ernten.

Who will not comprehend the truth with his understanding, but only with his belief, can not harvest the fruit from it.

Kanon 13:3
Und so spricht der JHWH: "Wahrlich, die, welche das Buch des Wortes der Wahrheit als solches erkennen, die erkennen es so, wie sie ihre eigenen Kinder erkennen.
4. Jene aber, welch die Wahrheit des Wortes nicht erkennen, die verderben ihr Leben, und sie sind Ungerechte und Lügner an der Sache des Lebens.

And so speaks the JHWH: "Truly those who recognise the book of the words of the truth, as such, know it as they know their own child. But any which do not recognize the truth of the words, they ruin their life, and they are unrighteous and liars in the matter of life.

Kanon 20:95
Und also lüget ihr und bestreitet ihr, dass da die Schrift des Wortes der Wahrheit zur Jetztzeit der Neuzeit ein andermal niedergesendet ist zu den Menschen der Erde, und wahrheitlich tuet ihr das darum, weil ihr seid in Gefangenschaft geschlagen durch eure falschen Lehren, die ihr da nennet Religionen.

And therefore you lie and dispute that the text of the words of the truth in the current time, the new time, are sent down another time to the human of the Earth. And truly you do this because you are imprisoned through your false teaching that you name religion.

In the OM introduction Billy Meier writes:

Die neuerlich und letztmalig unverfälscht gegebene Form der Om-Schrift soll den Erdenmenschen Frieden, Ruhe, Liebe, Wahrheit, Wissen, Logik, Weisheit und Gerechtigkeit bringen, und also soll die Schrift des Wortes der Wahrheit endgültig und für alle Zeiten in der getreulichen Form der Wahrheit bewahrt und befolgt werden.

Dies ist der Sinn und der Wille aller, die sich um das OM und dessen Zustandekommen bemüht haben, damit die Erdenmenschen in ihrem Paradiese leben können - auf dem blauen Planeten des SOL- Systems, der Erde genannt wird.

The newly, and for the last time given, un-falsified, form of the OM text should bring the Earth human peace, stillness, love, truth, knowledge, logic, wisdom, and righteousness, and therefore the text of the words of the truth should finally, and for all times, be preserved and adhered to, true to its form in truth. This is the sense and the will of everyone, who has troubled around the occurrence of the OM, therewith the Earth human can live in his paradise, on the blue planet of the SOL- system, named the Earth.

Whether we recognize these teachings and warnings as the timeless, universal truth or not, we on Earth all have good reason to be informed about what these demonstrably real, demonstrably advanced extraterrestrial people, the Plejaran, have delivered to us, and what it says about them. Even those who insist on condemning this whole matter as a hoax, should really start to fully inform themselves about the monumental subject of their attacks.

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  1. Free Community of Interests for Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies
  2. Ur - original, archetypal
  3. The human far-travelers from the depths of the universe.
  4. In the Talmud Jmmanuel, Zohar is defined as, the radiant splendor of spiritual-Creational energy.