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Photobuch Photo-Inventarium

  • Photo-Inventarium / Photo-Inventarium
    Photographs by Billy Eduard Albert Meier and a selection of his witnesses from 17th May 1964 to 5th February 2004. With an explanation as to why BEAM is the proclaimer of the modern times, contact person to the Plejaren Federation, why he was supposed to take the best photos of the out of this world beamships and the reason they come to Earth.
    Source Sample
  • Photobuch / Photobook
    Linen cover with silver embossing, 4 coloured print, thread-bound, 122 pages, 95 photos (including 29 large format colour photos), size: 230mm x 297mm.
    Source Sample

The extraterrestrial human beings that Billy Meier is in contact with have encouraged and helped him to take over a thousand photographs and film recordings of their many different types of spaceships and beamships. The more famous photos were taken in the 70’s and early 80’s, one of which ended up being used for the original X-Files "I Want To Believe" TV Poster in the 90's, allowed in order to demonstrate how fiction is a more popular interest than non-fiction. The lesser known non-famous images by BEAM and those by other photographers at higher resolutions span a time-frame, when the images from India are considered, from 17th May 1964 to 5th February 2004 and others even to the present day, when vessels from the wider Plejaren Federation are considered (however it all began much earlier in 1937). The collection includes other interesting things including archaeological discoveries. Its all already heavily steeped in heritage despite first being documented properly in just the second half of the 20th century.



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